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CART World Series 1998 - RELEASED!


Hi all,

May we proudly present our brand new project, a modification for EA's F1 Challenge '99-'02 which will include the complete 1998 FedEx Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) World Series season.

[Image: 4bhq.jpg]

Our team..

Our team traits three huge fans of American Open Wheel Racing, we are Robbie (schumacher180), Riccardo (very well known as nelsonpiquetfan) and Robin (not active on any Sim Racing communities, he's a good friend of us, with lots of knowledge about American Open Wheel Racing)

We have the goal to create the best American Open Wheel Racing mod ever, as we have enough data about the 1998 FedEx CART World Series season, complete race weekends of every event on DVD are among them!

Why a comeback?

Because we haven't released a mod since 2010 and despite the much attention we pay to rFactor, we still think F1 Challenge '99-'02 is a great game as well.

What happened with our other projects?

We can't say more than the fact that the F1 1986-1987 modifications and the IndyCar Series 2008-2011 modifications have been stalled. We simply don't know if we're able to finish those mods, since we could not get enough help from people. This is not a reprocher to the people over here because we lost our motivation a couple of times too, which of course is due to our private lifes, girlfriends and other things.

Why a CART mod rather than an IRL/IndyCar mod?

Because, despite we are IRL fans with our whole heart, we used to watch CART until... Let's say 2000/2001 and back in the late 90's, this was a superb series too and we think it's worth to pay attention to release a mod which contains CART legends such as Michael Andretti, Al Unser Jr., Alex Zanardi and the late Greg Moore to name a couple of drivers.

This is a scratch mod or a conversion?

rFactor conversion


Will be posted soon.

Mod versions

- Ingame
- Standalone (recommended for the best CART racing experience!)

CART series where great to see what i can remember !

Scratch or an conversion, its great to see these mods appeared on F1C !
I wanna be a rebel no longer wanna hide, i wanna loose control and dance all night !

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Big Grin Yes yes yes! Thanks a lot! If you ever need some help in painting, just give me a hint!

(Sorry for my reaction, everyone who knows me a bit longer knows how much effort I put to finish at least 22 cars of the 1999 Season xD)

I got to mention that we still need beta testers. We don't need any more painters at the moment but.. We might need you in the future, fisicof1... This is because the 1997 and 1999 CART World Series seasons are on the schedule to be created by our team as well, after the 1998 season has been finished successfully. ;D

schumacher180 Wrote:I got to mention that we still need beta testers. We don't need any more painters at the moment but.. We might need you in the future, fisicof1... This is because the 1997 and 1999 CART World Series seasons are on the schedule to be created by our team as well, after the 1998 season has been finished successfully. ;D

Would be nice to be your beta tester! Smile

I guess with my self-made 1999 and 1997 carsets I could offer at least some experience. Also I guess if you want to make these Seasons I could reduce my WIP work quite a lot too. Win for me Wink

Yes, it would be great if you could help us out when we need you.. The 1998 season mod is going to be a huge one, since we have to develop different physics for all types of tracks, we want to have a car which is great in drafting on ovals such as Michigan and California with the Handford Device. This is going to be a tough one since we've never had a mod before in F1 Challenge '99-'02, where the drafting is absolutely great..

*Details about ingame and standalone versions*


The "standard" ingame version which will include all cars and tracks of the 1998 CART World Series season.


For the best CART experience; contains several season .gdb files: One for championship mode, one for multiplayer, and also season .gdb files for every single race will be included.

This might remind us all a little bit from the great and classic F1 Seven mods. Racing on every track while using the respective .gdb file for that track, will bring by far the best racing experience because for every single track, the cars will have different set-ups and also different physics for every type of track.

This means that when you would choose to race on Long Beach, you have a car purely set-up for street racing, while that if you would choose to run at Michigan, your car is purely set-up for superb fast and close oval racing with the Handford Device. This is one of the reasons why I would prefer to play the standalone mod, since with the ingame version when you race on ovals; You'd just race with the standard road course car, with a set-up adapted to an oval...

With the standalone version, you will really feel the difference between racing on a Road/Street course, Short Oval, SuperSpeedway or ovals where they use the Handford Device, since different physics will be developed for every type of track. Indeed, it's not hard to guess it right that the ingame version will be released as first, since lots of work has to be put in the standalone version to bring the best CART racing experience to F1C.

We are not far away from posting our first screenshots of the mod. We just finished the Ganassi cars of Alex Zanardi and Jimmy Vasser and we are currently fixing these bugs:

- LED displays aren't working
- Drivers' position does not fit with arms
- Long shadows

We really can't wait to share some screens with you guys but we won't do that until we have really something nice to show here. ;D

What long shadows? :roll: I hope it's not the case that the shadows are strange, like a normal shadow + a very very long tight darkest aerea: it can be caused by something bad into the mts. Sad

Good luck!
[Image: homogp_don_t_touch_all.gif]
[Image: Targhe.gif]

The long shadows are not such a huge problem as you may think, especially F1 Turbo Mod players do know this bug and WE do know how to fix it. Big Grin

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