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A new Special Effects is in project now
Hello my friends. Surely, most of you, know about my Special Effects 7.0 and some people like and other people don't. So I'm working on the new version 8.0. I did some changes in some textures, to try to make more realistic. I also added more new terrains to terrain.ini in order to avoid crash with invisible objects. But I want this time, before release, the opinion to most of the people about it. You can tell me what you like, waht don't what can/must I need to improve and whatever you think could be improved. The Special effects are focused on Smokes (brake smoke, Fire smoke, Dust smoke, Grass smoke, Gravel smoke), Rainspray, Sparks, Skidmarks, Marbles is in progress, Racegroove, Wetgroove, and on. I will put screen soon of the lastest changes. Regards.
On the grass with orange smoke... :roll: It should be something like oranje with green particles.

About the project you know well my opinion and what happened to the rain drops?
George, Vettel is faster than you! Please do not be devil!

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