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Brand new GP3 League for rF!

Hey guys!

The 2013 GP3 Season is coming to an end soon and maybe some of you recognized that the 2013 GP3 Season Mod by WST is nearly finished. Thats why the Admins of the R4S GP2 & GP3 leagues decided to start a new GP3 league for rFactor, using WSTs GP3 2013 Mod. Runned by experienced drivers and league owners there are some unique features that only this league offers.

+ Custom driver liveries
Every driver can paint his very own livery within the team livery. That means you still can identify with your team, but you can add your own logos and sponsors!

+ Real-life race rules and qualifying conditions
If you loose a wheel or stall your engine, your Session will be over - just as it would be in reality!

+ "Career Mode"
Start your career in the virtual GP3 here! Get in the game with your real name and become a racing legend!

+ Driving Aids for Newbies and Pros
To keep it fair for everyone, experienced and first-time starters, we offer driving aids which promise fast action and fun on the track for everyone!

+ And thats not all, for 2014 we have even more to come like the 2014 GP3 calendar, possible double-header events, guest starts and following the real 2014 Season at maximum level of realism!

If you are interested, register at and apply for the league section!

We are looking forward to race with you!
The Race4Speed GP3 League

visit us on Facebook too:

[Image: 999217_584759324903200_895363409_n.jpg]


Hi guys!

how can I register myself into the league?

thank you!


Check down in the "Race4Sim Leagues" section for the Race4Speed GP3 League. Don't worry for approval, I've already made you a league driver, as Carlos12295cf already requested Wink

how can i join guys? where is the mod and tracks? :twisted:
so hii everybody from Canary Islands ! :lol:
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adrianizquierdo Wrote:how can i join guys? where is the mod and tracks? :twisted:
so hii everybody from Canary Islands ! :lol:

just apply here, one of the admins will set you as "league driver" then you can get access to the GP3 League section here, where you will find the download tomorrow Wink

I have a Question: What Tracks are you driving? The RFT Tracks? Because 1:30 in Hungary with the GP3 Mod! That!
Don`t leave me alone, I don`t now, what I am doing Big Grin

Download from here. And not, the hungary track isn't from RFT Wink

Please check the league section below, Alvaro. There you can find everything Wink

Name: David Castilla
Driver: #11
Team: ART GP

Juanma27 Wrote:Hi, Im new in this forum and I would like to join in the gp3 championship. Is there any seat free?(Sorry my english is not good, im spanish) Smile
lucas Wrote:i want to participate in the league...please ell me how to do it..thanks
As posted before, please check the league section below and register here for becoming a league driver. Then you're able to see every other detail you need to know. Wink

David Wrote:Name: David Castilla
Driver: #11
Team: ART GP
Same for you, check the league section below please. Unfortunatly the #11 ART is yet taken, there are only #18 Status GP and #25 Koiranen GP available. Wink

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