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A little bit help

Can someone please tell me how to change the art in f1 manager ...and where can i change the teamnames.

I would like to make a 1994 mod for this game.

The change names of the drivers i know...and how to change the cars also.

Greetz Sjaak
Hello i found something how to edit names in ea f1 manager.
It's a hex editor.


And this is the text with it.:

At last I found how to change the names of the teams.
This in main file "F1OTM.EXE", between with the program "HexEdit".
The only problem is that there is enough space to put the full name of all Teams.
Example, to BAR (3 sites), would be replaced by Forces Indian, being "F.I" or "FIN" OR "IF"....
and the Team PROST->TOYOTA is TOYOT !!!!!!
I can only change Teams so that it fits well:

It's the text from tealdht.

Greetz Sjaak
Hi all,

Could someone please give me info on what size (height & width) of images to use for making updates to F1 Manager?

I just want to make a nice simple 2016 update, by changing the drivers, teams logo & background, news feed images and the team names in the live TV feed.
So if anyone knows what size of images to use before converting them to ia & njpg please let me know.

Many thanks

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