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Leeched Stuff @ Race4Sim
As everywhere we need some regulations here. Especially about leeching. We think you all know the situation we had years ago and what some parts of the community thought about it. Today the situation is totally different, we have sites out there which allow leeching and some don't. We wanted to find another way at this Forum. So after months of debating and arguing the Race4Sim Administration Team came to the following conclusion:
  • Talking about leeched stuff will be allowed here. Also posting of leeched stuff will be allowed.
  • Postings of potentially leeched files and links to leeched files will be inspected by the Moderators for leeched stuff and after they found something the link will be deleted.
  • Files including stuff from Codemasters or other games then the file is for will immediately be deleted!

We hope everyone can agree to this. We're actually working on a new way to solve the well-known permission issue we had in the community for years now, so you don't have to think that we are against new stuff for the games around ;D

If you have something to add or have a question about this, please feel free to post your thoughts here.

The Race4Sim Administration Team

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