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Your last race, win, pole

Hi all,

I just wanted to open a very well known topic from the classic website, as the topic title says: Here you can post a review about the latest races you have driven in rFactor.

I decided that my career will continue in rFactor. Robby had a very successful F1 career, especially the 2005 season has been a great one for Robby with 3 victories and a third place in the drivers championship while driving for BAR Honda. Three weeks after the end of the 2005 season, Robby heard a lot of his sponsors are not supporting him anymore, this due to the fact that many Dutch companies had lost interest in the sport, due to the high costs. And despite Robby's great results, the deal with Ferrari didn't continue and so Robby had to find another job. Robby tested many cars in 2006, such as A1GP cars, Champ Cars and IRL IndyCars. At the end of 2006, Marty Roth was happy to announce that he is going to concentrate himself for 100% on ownership of his own IndyCar Series team, named Roth Racing. He was even more happy to announce that he found in the 9 time F1 Grand Prix winner, Robby from The Netherlands, a great driver for his team. So it is now 2007 and Robby recently has made his debut in the IndyCar Series for Roth Racing at Homestead-Miami Speedway. After his first ever race on an oval, which ended quite badly, Robby told the press the following: "I've always had much respect for oval racing and I've been a fan of the IndyCar Series for many years but I never expected it to be that hard. Man, the g-forces are incredibly high at the turns and I really had to get used to it. I was more than happy that we had an open test under lights as well, just to get used to night racing too. The much practice time helped as well and I'm just so thankful to Marty Roth for saving my career, huge thumbs up to him!"

Out of the 20 drivers, Tony Kanaan sat on pole for the XM Satellite Radio Indy 300, Robby qualified on a surprising 17th place. The race would go terrible, after Robby already nearly lost it in turn 1, he would race in last place for the first 70 laps and after he went over to an alternative strategy and was going to be put a lap down, Robby made a rookie mistake while moving over for the faster cars, causing Scott Dixon to hit him and so Robby spun and could keep it out of the wall very surprisingly while approaching turn 1 backwards. Sadly, the day was over for Robby because his left rear wheel was broken off the car. This meant a 20th and last place for Robby. Scott Sharp took a quite surprising win, it's his first since Kentucky back in '05.

The race at St. Petersburg went as expected, the first meters on a road/street course for Robby and that while driving for maybe the worst team on the grid as well, caused Robby to be way off the pace. Robby was on the bottom of the table in all practice sessions and in qualifying. Robby didn't even drive one single lap during the warm-up session because he knew that the maximum was already reached and so he didn't saw one single reason to drive during the warm-up session. The race, would be one huge crashfest already from turn 1 and so Robby had quite a big advantage for having to start last. After he had a crash at Homestead while driving in the middle of the pack at 215 miles per hour, Robby decided, despite this was a race on a road/street course, to play it safe and stay out of trouble. He succeed, in fact, so many incidents happened that Robby would finish in 7th place as the last driver on the lead lap. Dario Franchitti took the win after Marco Andretti sat on the pole for this race. Robby is currently 16th in the point standings and goes to Motegi with a lot of confidence, since with Roth Racing, he expects as the season goes, to be more competitive on ovals, rather than on the 4 road/street courses which are left on the schedule. So now Roth Racing is going to travel to Japan for the Indy Japan 300 at the great 1,5-mile Twin Ring Motegi oval. Cya later!

So, you play some races in Rfactor too... Keep un the good work on your writings!
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Hehe, thank you Cristian!

Well, the Indy Japan 300 at Twin Ring Motegi was a great race weekend for Robby and Roth Racing. As expected though; Robby was on the bottom of the table in all practice sessions, qualifying and warmup. Although, he wasn't that much slower than the guys which were closely ahead of him. In the race, he was even able to keep up for a couple of laps with Kosuke Matsuura. Ultimately after a crash between Danica Patrick and Scott Dixon, which really had an influence on many drivers their pit window, this caution would happen when I had just exited the pits. This really brought me a huge advantage and I would eventually finish the race in 9th place. It feels awesome, having 2 top 10 finishes out of 3 races. I truly can't wait for Kansas Speedway, which is the last race until the month of May. Roth Racing is really excited with the progress we're making, we're a little lucky but we're getting quicker and quicker as well as the time goes. Smile

On to Kansas Speedway for the Kansas Lottery 300!

Not quite a pole position, but ... Yeah let's say a hotlap Big Grin

Very bad video in my opinion. The intro is unnecessary long. People want to see the hotlap, not the specifications of the mod/car you're using. You can always list that in the description. The sound is sometimes way too loud, so loud you can't hear the music. If you put music in your video (which is stupid in gaming/racing video's anyway), at least make it possible to hear the whole song. You could've compensated the lack of editing skills by a good lap, but the lap wasn't great either. Locking up tires, not always on racing line and the camera isn't the best option either, but that's just my taste. All in all, could've been a lot better.

NOTE: This has been driven a couple of months ago, but I want to make an exciting storyline of my IndyCar World Series/CART/Champ Car World Series career, so everything already has been decided but I will tell the story about my career, just season by season.

It was December 1993, Nigel Mansell announced his return to Formula 1 in 1994, after winning the IndyCar World Series championship as a rookie while driving for Newman/Haas Racing. It took a while to find a replacement for Nigel Mansell, but all of a sudden it was announced that a very rich and very unknown Dutch guy had been announced as the replacement driver for the "Red 5" champion in 1994.

This was a huge gamble from both Newman/Haas and the entire IndyCar World Series organization, because Robby had never driven a race car ever before and since American Open Wheel Racing is under pressure due to the announcement of the Indy Racing League by Tony George, which is going to start in 1996, the sport is fearing that this rich rookie driver may bring the IndyCar World Series in even more trouble.

Luckily for the IndyCar World Series, Robby didn't seem to be a terrible driver at all. In fact, he got disqualified at his series debut in Surfers Paradise for ignoring a stop/go penalty, which he received after he accelerated too early before the race was going to continue under green again, after the race was being brought under caution because of a multiple car accident. The most incredible thing about this all is, that Robby was leading the race when he got black flagged. Paul Newman and Carl Haas smiled to each other, despite their young and rich rookie driver had just been disqualified, they knew they had made the right gamble afterwards and that the disaster season which they both feared with the rich and young rookie, wasn't likely going to happen.

In Phoenix, the first ever oval race for Robby, he impressed again because he qualified in 6th position which would turn out to be his best qualifying position of the year. Robby would crash after barely having completed half a lap but he once again showed promising things, because of course Robby had never driven on an oval with other drivers around him ever before and due his lack of experience in motorsports, it was just a ticking time bomb, until the Flying Dutchman would find himself in the wall.

The rest of the season turned out to be a major disappointment though. The speed wasn't really there and Robby was involved in multiple incidents, which caused him to finish many times at the back of the pack. However, he only retired three times. Robby finished 20th in the point standings with 43 points and with a best finish of 4th at the streets of Long Beach, not the most easy track on the schedule. Robby would find himself in the points as well at the Milwaukee Mile where he finished 5th, at the streets of Belle Isle in Detroit where he finished 7th, he finished 6th at Portland, 7th at New Hampshire and he scored the last point at Vancouver with a 12th place finish, after being involved in a last lap crash with Paul Tracy in the final turn, while running in 8th place. What should be noted is that Robby led a couple of laps and also had put on the fastest lap of the race several times during the race at New Hampshire International Speedway, he would not keep the fastest lap until the end of the race but he kept it at least for quite a while. The most impressive thing from Robby according to the whole Newman/Haas team, was that he led his first ever race when he got disqualified but even more impressive is that Robby also had led the most laps at that race in Surfers Paradise.That's what they call a very impressive debut, especially for someone who had never driven a race before in his entire life, right?

But, everything summed up and despite the season not being that disastrous after all, it wasn't a surprise that Newman/Haas didn't want to keep Robby for 1995 and after one of year of finally realizing the dream and having been a motorsports driver, the adventure seemed to have come to an end for Robby. But than, all of a sudden, Al Unser Jr. announced his move to sports car racing for at least the next three years..



The 1995 IndyCar World Series season is about to start and with Al Unser Jr. departing to sports cars, Roger Penske needed to find a replacement driver. With the team shrinking from three to two cars and with Paul Tracy moving to Newman/Haas Racing, Penske decided to take the biggest gamble ever in his life as a team owner. He decided to sign Robby, the man who finished 20th with 43 points in his rookie year for Newman/Haas, for the entire 1995 season. Roger told before the season opener, that he's not afraid and won't be surprised if he loses lots of sponsors and money, of course based on Robby's results in 1994 with competitive equipment.

Roger, afterwards, told he thinks there might have been an angel involved from above, who decided he had to take all the risk he could and sign the young Flying Dutchman to compete a complete season in one of his cars. Because, Robby turned out to be very competitve.

The season started with a disappointing finish at the back and one lap down at the streets of Miami but in Surfers Paradise, Robby would lead the most laps and finish in 4th position. In Phoenix, Robby would take his very surprising first ever victory, after he qualified 8th, which afterwards turned out to be his highest qualifying position of the year. What is very surprising is that Robby wasn't able to improve his highest career qualifying position in 1995, there were he had a season high 6th qualifying position in 1994, he could not get better than an 8th place on the grid in 1995. It meant as well that for two years in a row, Robby's best qualifying position of the year was reached at the 1-mile Phoenix International Raceway oval. After the race in Phoenix, Robby would not be able to get points finishes for three races in a row but he finished on the podium again in 2nd place at the historic Milwaukee Mile. The next two races turned out to be a major disappointment again, as Robby crashed in Detroit and finished 17th in Portland after a stop/go penalty for jumping the restart.

Despite performing surprisingly good, both Robby and Roger Penske thought that now the championship would be impossible to win and that while winning the championship, never was Robby's main goal, he didn't think for a second that he would even be a championship contender, before the season started. Robby would win the next two races at Road America and Toronto, which means Robby showed that he's capable of winning on ovals, permanent road courses and temporary street courses. At Road America, Robby did not "just" win, but he also led the most laps for the third time of his career, after having led the most laps at both the Australian IndyCar races at Surfers Paradise in 1994 and 1995.

In Cleveland, Robby would take quite a big lead in the points championship, after he finished on a solid third position, which means he is now definitely the man to beat for the championship. However, Robby would retire at Michigan and New Hampshire, despite putting on the fastest lap of the race for the first time in his career at the great New Hampshire International Speedway. He also failed to get a decent result at Mid-Ohio, which meant Robby lost the lead for the championship. Luckily, Robby's main contenders scored all 0 points at Vancouver, while Robby finished on a consistent third position, once again taking the points lead with only one race to go.

The final round, like in 1994, was going to be held at the great Laguna Seca road course. Robby would have a terrible weekend and failed to score points but after the other championship contenders weren't capable of scoring enough points, Robby would win his first ever IndyCar World Series championship by 1 point! Robby, after Roger Penske took every risk when he signed him a contract, gives Marlboro Team Penske an IndyCar championship, what a great and unexpected season for the Flying Dutchman.

Two months, after Roger Penske offered Robby a 5 year contract, after winning the 1995 championship, Robby decided to move over to NASCAR instead. This move was considered a big surprise and caused major disappointment in the IndyCar World Series paddock, especially since the IndyCar World Series thought they needed a rising star like Robby very much, with the start of the Indy Racing League, the IndyCar World Series biggest rival, getting closer and closer.



After having spent two years in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, winning lots of races and the 1997 championship, Robby decided to return to the CART World Series in 1998. This came as a huge surprise, since the whole CART World Series paddock expected Robby to stay in NASCAR for the rest of his racing career, based on his huge success in the cabs of the last two years.

Alex Zanardi, who won the 1997 CART World Series championship, got a great offer from Frank Williams to drive for his racing team in Formula One, leaving an empty seat at Target Chip Ganassi Racing, of course the team which Zanardi drove for in 1996 and 1997. Chip wasn't happy at all to see one of his greatest drivers leaving to Formula One but at least wished him all the best of luck in the pinnacle of motorsport.

Just 1,5 month before the 1998 CART World Series season would start, Ganassi announced that they were going to bring back a former series champion to the grid, most people expected Nigel Mansell to return to the series after a 3 year hiatus but Robby, the 1995 IndyCar World Series champion, was announced instead. Al Unser Jr. returned to Penske after having spent 2 years in Sports Car Racing. Little Al originally had signed a three year contract after the 1995 IndyCar World Series season, to run in Sports Cars but was able to shorten it to two years, so he would be able to return to the CART World Series as well. So, quite a big storyline isn't it? Two former champions, from which a former Indy 500 champion, are returning to the sport. Great news for CART and a big slap in the face for Tony Georges' Indy Racing League.

Sadly, Robby wasn't able to repeat his 1995 success. In fact, in the middle July, Robby signed a contract with Panther Racing, to run the full 1999 Indy Racing League season, a big slap in the face for CART, which also resulted in a huge amount of disappointed fans of the Flying Dutchman.

Robby's season started with a crash in turn 2 at Homestead and so wouldn't finish his first CART race in 3 years, things would go better at Motegi, where Robby finished in 8th place and so had scored his first points of the season. Robby was disqualified in Long Beach for ignoring a stop/go penalty which he received for jumping the restart and finished in the back of the field at Nazareth and Rio. At Gateway International Raceway, things were looking a little better but a 14th place finish, caused once again lots of disappointment within Robby's fanbase, which started shrinking a little bit, due to the very disappointing results from Robby.

At Milwaukee, Robby would crash in turn 3 and so his second official retirement of the season, became a fact. In Detroit, the Flying Dutchman would finally find himself in the points again with a season-high 6th place finish but sadly he would finish 15th at Portland and would find himself at the back of the field in Cleveland. Robby crashed in turn 3 in the middle stages of the Toronto Molson Indy and so had retired for the third time of the season. However, at Michigan, a little bit of the "old" Robby seemed to be back, since Robby smiled for the first time during a CART race weekend in a long time and he was involved in some great on-track battles, the 1995 champion would finish the 500-miler at Michigan on a season-high 4th place.

Mid-Ohio, turned out to be once again a major disappointment and since Robby had just signed a contract with Panther Racing, an IRL team, Robby's fanbase had become very small in the CART paddock. But, things turned out to go very well at Road America, where Robby finished 9th and things would go even better in Vancouver, where Robby finished in 5th position. Robby was very hopeful for another top 5 result at Laguna Seca but that race turned out to be a big disaster and Robby was driving at the back of the field again and battling it out with backmarkers such as Alex Barron, P. J. Jones and Arnd Meier.

With nobody talking about Robby anymore, Robby went to Houston with a complete different mindset. Robby knew the end of the 1998 CART World Series season was getting close and that he has to take his time to get used to the all oval Indy Racing League for 1999.

Robby and Chip Ganassi's relationship damaged very much as the season went, due to a combination of Robby's mostly disappointing results and his decision to leave Ganassi's CART World Series team for a move to the Indy Racing League. Still, Chip and Robby would smile and hug each other before Robby would leave because the young Dutchman finally drove a true great race in 1998, there were he already drove one really good race at Michigan in which he finished 4th, Robby would finally get his first victory of the year at the streets of Houston and despite Robby's fanbase being not that big anymore, many fans cheered Robby when he stood on the podium in Houston, to celebrate his first CART victory, since he won at Toronto in 1995.

At Surfers Paradise, Robby was full of confidence due to his Houston victory and that really seemed to pay off, because Robby won again at the streets of Surfers Paradise, making it two wins in a row for the flying Dutchman who finally seemed to be able to impress his fans with Ganassi's Reynard 98i/Honda HRK combination.

Sadly, Robby's final race in CART for now, turned out to be a major disappointment. After qualifying on a career high 5th at California Speedway, improving his best ever qualifiying position, which of course was 6th at Phoenix International Raceway in 1994, Robby would fall back in the field already during the very early stages of the race and would eventually finish the 1998 CART World Series season at the back of the pack.

Ultimately, Robby would finish the season in 11th place with 79 points, with the highlight being of course his two wins in a row, late in the season at Houston and Surfers Paradise. Dario Franchitti won his first series championship, in only his second year in CART.


There's IRL early years mod available Confusedhock: ?? (1997-2000)
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AxelP500 Wrote:There's IRL early years mod available Confusedhock: ?? (1997-2000)

They are not available, like the 90's NASCAR mods.. This is a story about my CART career, because the only reason why I went to NASCAR in my story, is because the 1996 and 1997 CART season mods aren't available. The reason why I go to the IRL in 1999 in my story, has exactly the same reason, simply because a 1999 CART season mod is not available. Those NASCAR and IRL stories are just a complete fantasy, because both 90's NASCAR and IRL mods are actually not available either. ;D

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