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Location of Force India's car numbers

Guys, do you have any idea where does Force India put the "14" and the "15" in their current 2013 cars? I know that in recent years, they've put it in the front wing, under the nosecone, kind of hidden. AFAIK, having the number in the car is mandatory, but I can't seem to find where it is in the VJM06.

Yeah! It's nowhere to be found. Where could it be?

I'm sure it's on the cockpit plate! Big Grin
[Image: homogp_don_t_touch_all.gif]
[Image: Targhe.gif]

Shouldn't it be visible form the front?

Unfortunately I still can't find a picture where it can be seen.

Today I've seen in tv it's on the front wing under the nose cones. Smile
[Image: homogp_don_t_touch_all.gif]
[Image: Targhe.gif]

So it's in the same place as these recent years, then (and I hope that what you saw isn't that little white sponsor under the nose cone). Today a cameraman was taking a great shot of a Force India car in the garage but the stupid Spanish broadcast switched to their private camera (which always stalks-worships Alonso everywhere, everytime) and couldn't check it.

Fortunately Sky Italia consider other drivers too. :lol: I'm sure I've seen 14.

----After searching----
And finally....
[Image: jm1321ap110.jpg?w=519]
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
[Image: homogp_don_t_touch_all.gif]
[Image: Targhe.gif]

LOL Great! Thank you!

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