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Repost all mrjglo´s posts that he written in Racesimulations
I (Mrjglo) will repost all my post I did made to forums. If everybody else do same we will still have all info available. I understand it will be very incoherent to do so because all post are for specific topics what what ever. is down

where is

I do have 12 DVDs of f1c backup mods from racesimulations/M4D archives/ so I can upload those files to mediafire.

f1chamod1. f1cmods 210. f1seven, ptc 1.0/p2,3,4, SRM05, 95mod, ctdp03, 88mod, ctdp04, turbomod, 97modwatch, ctdp98, so76demo, rh04 track/bas, 98mod1, 02tob, 96mod,90mod , .
f1chamod2. f1cmods 33. ptc 1.4 aio, idt, cdtp05, rh05, dtm03, turbo, nissan, dtm02 , adds 43. tracks,
f1chamod3. f1cmods 20. WGTS1.0, fiagt97, etxx03, btcc93, wtc05, 94mod, 05rh, m3cha, fr01, mosler, mp3 20.
f1chamod4. f1cmods 44. SCC, 90modtrack, pcc03, itc96,
f1chamod5. f1cmods 22. 06mod, CTDP05p1, circuits,
f1chamod6. f1cmods 9. 06mods/NHLGP
f1chamod7. f1cmods tracks 214.

My general impressions Mod of the Year...

Hmm This page always take ages to dwl due so many pics but dont ban me for it just remove img links.

I just have made Textures addon updates to have most authentic billboards in years between 1981-1987 in any Formula 1 game so far.
I am just waiting before come comment this as substandard rF conversion Tongue
RAM Loris Kessel helmet is copy of CRegazzoni when 33 Patrick Neve has CPace due being copy of 75 car.

physics uneven now McLaren 2s ahead all then Penske/Fittipaldi 1/2s faster than like Ferrari

CAmon name in Long Beach
RPeterson helmet is replaced by JHunt helmet when both on same time on track(same file name)

1976 specific LODs with posters of event,gdb
Monza track only consist MonzaGP5571 , was having no 1976 folder and no 1976 layout.


lack this line so add:

BTW in what time did Patrick Neve had Thuersday livery as sponsor ?

Dont need convert this !

I collected some uploaded links for up on date uploads files. Many circuits still dont have updated links for them so I try help little bit to some request here.

David Marques have made Carset to 1985,1989-1995 and had WIP many years.
If he still active with Frentzen127 I would like to know any news how he is doing? we would like to welcome him to here!

David Marques have one in WIP. wonder is : does some1 else have still old 1984 Carset on their HD?

for 1985 David Marques mods I made adjusted physics to keep AI on track so gameplay is less atrocious.

As I know you also very good in making accurate track as it was case in Montreal,Estoril 1984-1993,Adelaide,Phoenix however billboards in some years arent updated in most of seasons tracks so you could improvise anything I have upped/started and use as a base some seasons billboards from files.
Most textures you have made are sharp but also clinically clean they should have more dirt as bump mapping I am not amazing good making textures (usually I just dwl from net or take it off picture) so I prefer always use carrera.4 textures if available.

You should use new tracks like this in ur trackpacks

How 1984 season is shaping?

About SfanFZR

f1 championship season 2000 world champion (2005-2007, 2011 title locked, game too old, retired)

I thought u were retired just coz game too old? This egoistical statements that u are world champion in f1c is ludicrious but I dont mind. Its quite certain that all ur best laps are made with slighly improved .hdv even I can drive spa around 30s with improved .hdv.
nice driving!

Do you need help 4 making 1984 trackpack ? I like to know which version tracks 16 tracks do u have use for it such example Dijon Prenois?

You are right that I was too light-hearth and ignored common manners. I just need aiw file that u can post link in aiw thread.

All I can say what a superb job there mate! Some of ours earlier version of this track didn't went into anywhere this much of details like Track shadows.

Its quite a funny how this game work I never have any ctd with 1993_B193 or 93 cars maybe due I use for f1c older OS have multiboot or many pcs and have this game in pre vista systems and then everything work fine. where is Sky? id like have a course with him how to create physics.

RCD generator,

Now AI will leave enough space around that troublemaker corner area same goes on that this 94-5 special chicane.
Its seems that AI now is crashing in other 2 different places to walls. I am not now having time making picture of circuit layout where this are but in Pont de Concorde line goes very close with wall. There is plenty of factors influencing this behaviour so in certain terrain values car slide more and so become very susceptible to hitting wall sideways. Also tire physics is bit loose in my version so reproductivity of same results may vary from other peoples. Either way now there is 15 cars still running after 10 laps when only 4-7 was the case previously.

I like to ask could you possible upload Monaco 1988 by Carrera.4 F1C for reference to me check it out? As I am aware you get over fence issues having all textures in .tga format?
Also in Aerogi's forums would be good have a thread for updates you+ On Mario are working on. Such as informing if any new plans or none what so ever. I haven't seen any post you made yet so I dont know ur nickname there , maybe later whenever you like have interest or time just let some of us inform what is going on.

1988 mod have been quite a open as same goes to 1994 as nobody has bothered release or get permission for any new updated versions for this years since over 4 years.
Not taking anything away from this effort but 1987 was also once planned by schumacher-180 to be made but since that announcement while back there is no words is that year still holding any interest to be updated???

AI not in pits in this Dijon Prenois 1979-1984

I think you could this Imola 1994 version .

Hi MrH! Ur Silverstone AIW was important so now it can be shared to all. I like to ask can you check Dijon79.rar AIW! AI not in pits


tHIS IS ONE OF VERY few vids that use my made textures. done trackpack.

Hi MrH! I am having completely new track to f1c never yet released! ... ijon79.rar this is not old f1c.

Little hairpain after Woodbridge is missing

Hi MrH! I like to ask can you check AIW! AI starting spot not in pits

Silverstone 1991 - 93

-In pitline not able to get in garages or pitspots even after material name change .


Why did you stop 1989 Championship F1 career in was nice to see that year to drove such Qualifying detail in F1C!

Hi Pro-raver !! Do you have list any files to 1977-1996 mods has been made f1 challenge 99-02 since 2003 ??

BTW I too like to know what are you gonna do with when we could upload there?

David Marques I like to know what plans you have for 1984-1996?? Is there anywhere I can follow progress? I ve got Permissions for many convertion tracks so I like to know do you have made yourself any new convertions?? to prevent waste of work. If u have done 1984 trackpack I like to know which version tracks 16 tracks do u have used for it such example Dijon Prenois?


SEASONDATA\CIRCUITS\Portugal\1995_Estoril\1995_Estoril.SCN: Could not allocate DirectDraw surface - 0x8876086c

You should upload that file link here so we can check it up. Did any default files such as CANADA.mas / CANADAMAP.mas were modified they otherwise should be created 3.3.2003. check some .mts files or any files modified after date year 2004 and temprorary move them out of f1c intallation folder.


reinstall this
then this ... h&id=11658 ... =632802287 ... 287#244009

Can you please tell more intensively ! You need to able to document very detailed manner everything so better I am able to understand what is problem.

I think it was interesting to keep up reading, this time you fairly quickly went throught whole season.

1988 have been done so many times then other seasons around it like 1989 not have story by anybody don't you progress year by year and not drive same year all over again? Too bad that one of my favourite Alboreto always get in Robbys stories so non-score far positions from top . Maybe redefine .rcd file to more equal?

This story career mod is very comprehensive and enjoyable way to have a use for mods and I think that you have improved slightly from past, previously you didn't use that much pics alongside of course the most would have small edited race highlight reviews vids.
I am indeed curios why Physics: get 7,5 ? They could made much better with f1c engine to be honest. Cars have too little grip in general but still at least they are supposed be real.

The real deal would have some1 have very long history overdone so you can start from 1964 and still keep same timeline until 2012 doing year by year and all events affecting new outcomes so certain drivers would have not necessary died and so real champions would never have progressed as well as they did.

I am croatian so I can't as well write you but I use little help.

Yo soy croata así que no puedo, así que escribir, pero yo uso muy poca ayuda para traducir.

I have problem in this converted track with Permission.
Only experienced people who can solve should try it out. This track will CTD by default.
I think it might to do something with some scenery .mts not supported in f1c but its very hard to tell which ones.

No report in trace so it remain mystery to me what is cause of this problem. So report to me if you have a clue what could need to be changed!

How long enough it really took? Ok this are going to be also used in 1994 David Marques?

To be honest personally I dont really very well comprehend that Facebook interference but I still have a account there (Cassius Syam) so I havent been yet part of that private GFX F1 Facebook group. Can you let me in? In the case that this mods that you are making have also little bit more utility that more other persons could enjoy (some F1C community members like members of racesimulations), of course what ever you do satifies and please you but not this other people as they de facto aren't that popular, so I would provide extra hand to help solve some bugs that there in public release version would have otherwise be without quality control guy in . I too convert tracks and create physics.

Nevertheless what ever I might have been critical I recognize that at least you have released something and that is definitely better than having nothing at all no matter how subjectively somebody might not like them. Its my uttermost respect that you have kept going on even without that much appreciation from F1C community as many have taken your mods for granted.

All what ever I wanted to say was that all your effort has been somehow been used less in game environment becouse nobody have able to utilize them same way that lets say CREW F1 Seven 1971-1975 that this work without CTDs and AI race well and all little things that make its all about playabable in the game. This of course isnt your fault at all just that there hasn't been persons around who could finalize that public release versions that would be playabable in same way than CREW F1 Seven 1971-1975 are. People simple dont have a time change things by them own (It can easily take and debug same bugs over again and then new version would again introduce them back becouse just either they didnt share them or mod maker didnt bother to use them. So the key is ensure that all fixes could be collected and . Yes I know this is a lot of work so certain persons like Wookey who are able to keep database of files is the way to go.

differences in the shapes are engine cover holes

Neiln1 made mapping over livery as much as 5cm and you could see laye not attached to body/holes so this is very good way to improve .

My interest is the best of F1C community and to have as playabable content that is not only nice to look at , for every seasons to this game and I am well aware that this doesnt necessary isnt so important to you. But it could be mutually beneficial that each of us who mod this game share(let it to be downloaded) their effort with each other.

We both share passion for that period of time altough there arent too many people in this world bothering of it. The time you have so far put in to doing models is quite a huge meaning that your personal drive for this thing have been big.

I try my best not to press/push you such as like demanding anything that you simple arent willing to do.

I am impressed about your new work over there! Your mods have rise the bar and are above the level for any historical years. Shapes are accurate and much better res than we had before. in .gdb Qualifying order wasn't used as in reality there made them while ago. Sky made good physics and knocking order is pretty well accurate.

Replacement drivers helmets like Tarquini wasnt yet made to this mod?

eliminar todos los archivos de la (HAT folder) carpeta!! puede que tenga falta de coincidencia con otros nombres similares!!!!1

In your case, your are having new special effects 7.0 terrain.ini which have lines requiring JALNERVION special effects 7.0 files installed to game folder.

Why didn't I get offer to be part of Beta Tester to 70s mods?

Yes Why not share anything you may have. It is gonna improve the experience for all rest of us. So make a topic and list there all info . ... html#25482

might so making it appealing and easy to use means that there in public release version would have quite a bit I could take a part of process
I am bit quality control guy so .

Congratulations! all the tracks projects u have succesed but arent u making same work than already done by others releasing content already released earlier like.

If it wasnt there it means that it doesnt yet exist! DIY go stat site and share for us here!

one sided faces arent supported in this game! can show only one side of this faces.

U can search in dwl section.

I think all the work you have made through years been well worth of it. Still there would have not been single other 1996 mod for that matter. People this days are over spoiled with all the hi poly mods so the standard has been raised quite a much since 2006 level. Therefore most of people are comparing any your creations directly with big mod teams contents and lack of understanding that you are not as intensively trying archive same level of perfection or have a time to spent on mods . As I think any improvement no matter how minuscule over previous one is worth replenishment.

You shouldn't what ever let this self-defeatist attitude poise your workmanship ability to create something new.

So as rule of thumb , release what ever satisfied yourself not others.

First I like to know what 1986 JArEPAGUA Rio version u have? Show dwl link there is some such as TRACK MEGAUPDATE F1 1982-1996 pack. Its been issue quite a long time best thing to put damage off. ASK MrH of AIW!!
U can see chicane was actually used in a Acqua Minerale but it was very few m more rounder. I could be honest see any difference other places!!

has there yet been layout I do! just notice me when you want play it!

Crash Recovery="1"

I was one of this guys who joined your game . I was very displeased of your over-reacting attitude back then maybe this forum form is better place talk. I am using this mega packs with multiple season in it and so for almost any year unless some1 other use exact same pack there will happen this issues.

Period Specific Graphics and Logos (Race Specific

my home soil races For been keen to make
I have done couple of fixes and new physics to every cars .ini. hdv and 13 of tracks GFX updated (exclude monaco,estoril n suzuka) , I would like to make trackpack but I need carreras4 Estoril. Does you have any need to release

Most of this cars never ended to grid due financial reasons didn't allow teams to be able to drive them in long run and lacking fundamental money to keep team together. Many wind tunnel models never materialize to real chassis coz all personnels of teams already gone out from team giving up their aspiration to having funds to allow continuous development . There is very little information about handling of this cars but its apparent that most of this designs weren't ever capable competing in top level with lowest budgets and old engines.

mod of the year awards Revision history of

This mod has/d extra track pack but it is another dwl.

I would have a use for 1979 Kauhsen WK . Its one of most recent f1 car never made to this game. After all this game is primarily for f1 (how many non-f1 mod really is played example in online at least over 5 people??? or have been match to biggest f1 mods lately ???/ exception being indycarleague) . Unlike the newer titles which cater every possible racing so I wont myself really have any interest for who know what content such as lawn mowers races unless it is made with some reason to some playable settings. 1951 to 1964 have pretty void there and its not certain that there will be soon all cars there.
Of course in any my post I am talking out of my head so you are free to ignore me as you wish.

When making content the thing to do is to ask who is in the long run gonna use it??. Focussing some racing niche that hasn't been covered is more convenient than trying compete with same exact cars.

But my vote goes to 1995-6 crashking where u could first start as you did for 1993.

I for one would be very disinterested trying to create from scratch any content that has been created to any other game better so converting it is more viable option when only you care that you are able play in your favourite game that content. This is case particularly when you are not interested learning modding, once you do then you want make thing as easy/automated as possible.

All those files (convertions without Permissions) that are shared in file sharing sites most you hardly even know that it is there due there is very little information anything what they are,forum posts and description or media presentation to promote them so they all will not be known by all people who play this game and will be therefore forgotten in vain. I mean theres been so much done in private and you never seen what it is or get to idea the magnitude of it. As it is this game seems to lack community that keep a clear book for all files or content that has been made available thorough years.

But my post is that little annoyed rant that this community isnt anywhere like it has been in the past when you could be expecting quality mods for different times of past racing.

Luigi Mennella is with neiln1 making it as same as the 1971-1975. But with little manpower the progress is slow so what is needed is more modderS take a part! ... rum=aerogi

Grand Prix Legends Have community like no another so comparativeness might be quite skewed.
F1 Challenge 99-02 MP is quite limited in terms of popularity.
In the last 1 year period there has been in weekend evening CET 7-11 PM average around 6-10 servers and weekdays around 3-5 , in CET 12-7 PM /12-3 AM the numbers are 1-5 so there is very little to choice with when most played now are (average players online in a day in any given moment) in gamespy
2012 4,2 players , peak 28 players
2011 2,3 players , peak 24 players
2010 1,8 players , peak 22 players
2002 1,7 players. , peak 17 players
2007 1,1 players. , peak 11 players
marginally 1999 2000 2001 2004 2005,2006 2007,2008,2009 : peak 6-15 players

After this there is very little any other other mods played

So I dont have the best picture totality of activity of all MP games.

To bring F1C community together will be futile effort . MP section is totally uninterested this forum or central place.

I am sure open anybody to develope IRC based chat client with pit host system but to implement this and getting most people use it is another thing.

There was made a while ago .gdb file made to 1995 that David Marques didnt use why not???

1976-1982 trackpacks
You bother upload ur 1984 here or anywhere ?

Are you the person who work in following:
TNT TEAM PROJECTS 1983 updated trackpack . I had brief talk with on Mario and
u still making FORMULA 1 TT Turbo Transition which I hope could rly improve current void in 80s mods. I have made very closely 1980-89 Monza/Imola ( )s so I wish that you dont spent yet time on this unless I release next version updates and ur versions are improvements if so. If you think any my work is useful in ur mod I let you use them freely. I like to see some screens about how detailfully are u going to backdate this tracks esp 1983s trackpack . I wish you could improve from level that was in my 1981-1983 trackpack which was quickly put together so I didnt spent time in each track . For you I like to see whole 80s year by year in glaring detail so trackpack would be from some1 else super.

I think this Winter Test Mod is concept that could spring and bring a lot unseen cars and drivers who never took part championship races to this game.

Why are you using that pack for 80s f1? its not have accurate layouts and such yearly detailed billboards.

U can partially blame me for that. .aiw can be wrong on those particular 1986 folders check all .aiws in exp Monza folders and copy it over. Also delete all files from ur HAT folder!!!!! you might have mismatch with other similar names 1986-Monza which based 1999 track.

whole log/HAT folder should be empty from previous mods files.

have made possible race good races!
I am so grateful that u have dedicated ur time to do fixes/corrections those AIWs. For all this your work I am so pleasant . it has been pleasure to have MrH around here!

I havent yet seen single picture or video as evidence support that this system works over many races only first race but then auto 22 limit step in. So for anybody who ever managed getting over 23 cars to track in champs in every races make a video as a proof!!!!

There is line in game.exe that force this 22 limit , I guess there really arent any turnover solutions without directly changing that game engine function.

EA studio wanted limit this game utility not that ISI were so much against modding so then you can so little change options directly inside game and in vanilla install you really see what this limitations are all about.

site which had pretty much most knowledge was RSCenter but all gone and now even search engine archives caches cant access it any longer. I still wonder is there any person who did backup any content from there such as all text from posts etc...

CART CHAMPCARChallenge mod changing season will freeze game without any message and game can be quit only by closing in taskmanager.
and then CTD could be memory FULL??.

Its been here all time but this file was in other section.

So u are the Aerogi ? I would be quite surprised if ur not. so nice to see u here too! Aerogi's forums is I think good place have all developers for past years f1 seasons so we should promote that section here and other places.

Can you upload ur version of 1982-1983 f1 challenge 99-02 mods to anywhere I would hugely appreciate such that.
I am interested what changes you have done for them, as you seem to be alongside me very keen for this particular seasons.

If this is your first job is excellent.
Thank you very much people like you makes F1c still alive!

I made myself little adjustment to map file for those who may find their GPU not able well handle this.

New lighter version Targa_Florio_map to f1 challenge 99-02 replace Targa_Florio_map

100% quality

Textures quality reduced to 80% .
This should help somehow for low power GPU/RAM PCs
80% quality
the same file ... 2.rar.html
Tell me did it make any noticiable difference
material names

if I got a reply it would be be something like - "use the search feature". Folks here are just more friendly and helpful
Qué quieres hacer trampas ... &start=480
ask help there!

========== ... %20f1c.pdf
What method it takes to batch convert .gmt to .mts Shift + end not work
There isnt any line in my 3DSIMED 1.16C
what keys are? Mayúsculas+Fin in EN?.
I can select import only one model at time which is very unpractical so how could I batch import all .gmts at once?

Gj in McLaren MP4-2C !

"When all cars are finished and are looking more than accurate, we are going to spend our time on every single track. It will be mostly texture updates, as we are probably going to use a lot of tracks from Carrera.4 and Grand Prix Classics"

As matter of my specialty I have done just this kind of thing so if u need u can use some textures from my packs.

Here is most authentic billboards to 1986 in any Formula 1 game so far.

my estimation accuracy rates for 1986 billboards in my install.

Brasil Jacarepagua 75%
Jerez Spain -78%
Imola - San Marino 88%
Monaco - Monte-Carlo 66%
Spa-Francorchamps - Belgium 94%
Montreal - Canada - 74%
Detroit City 82%
Paul Ricard - France - 75%
Brands Hatch- Great Britain 50%
Hockenheim - Germany 90%

If you have ever tried F1CO 76-81 or 1977- 1980s neiln1 seasons physics . All this didn't ever include AI balancing so some cars were 10s slower than others.

In that 1985 David Marques AI spinned altogether more , when directly used un-modifiedly rfactor physics

Lets face most of new released mods have not much done in physics for them than copied it straight over from other mods.

I think all upload could and should be to racesimulations FTP . We have variously still some 1984 Carsets in making like F1 1984 David Marques if he ever gonna upload it? Its little bit hard to know what mod makers are gonna to be needing yet or are in further improve their work unless they inform here or some publicly available forum about that.

For 80 decade our current best mods to F1C
1980 neiln1 physics need balancing +improvements , improve Cockpits
1981 neiln1 physics need balancing +improvements , improve Cockpits
1982 neiln1 physics need balancing +improvements , improve Cockpits
1983 neiln1 physics need balancing +improvements , improve Cockpits
1984 neiln1 physics need balancing +improvements , improve Cockpits
1985 David Marques fine
1986 schumacher180 + improve Cockpits
1987 Cristian Luis Campoy improve shapes/Cockpits, physics need balancing
1988 missing teams
1989 David Marques fine

give feedback

But I hope soon we any 1984 Carsets uploaded here. You should release it with standalone or with 1984 Carsets to F1C.

This community does now on incline more to just f1 mods. There is plenty of members who arent going to post here who nevertheless also appreciate almost anything new for sake of it. I was so satisfied by any changes for.aiw s that u so kindly made for this my .
but u still bothered making such a post for a game u don't enjoy....
I still will take time to test on those aiws so it can take months to respond to u here personally what time I have to play them si there always gonna be delay.

3DSIMED 1.16C import and export objects in batch option. ren *.jpg *.bmp
The lods are great do u know 1996 LODs?
Hi are u Jonna1970 from unofficial senna fan club? plugin feature

I need for my trackspack accurate billboards so are you able help in few bmps they should be 1024x256 or half of that. in formats .bmp/jpg


As seen in Monza 1982- 1988

Can I have one topic too? I am more helping F1 1976-1982 The Ground Effect Years.

David Marques All I can say what a superb job there mate! Crash King CK 1995 Season was good but this is even better! with tracks changes default tracks.

Making such sure take quite amount of time so I arrived just to make it initially fit for make course look more season specific as billboards very well reflect season you are in so having. Getting more details as really accurate changes of scenery as tiny changes of walls, buildings all so are sometimes more harder to spot in TV features or so on. But its more nicer to race any season at least with tracks little changes that using default track. It takes only an hour to put billboards to correct places per year but much more if going into details as you are going to plan and I am not keen to spent time in single track long time unless some good reward. As saying goes more time one put for something less gains you gradually get over time to improve.

Its amazing how all of you tree manage say that its none of you who is leading and ask the other person about this, On mario + neil said that you are leader of TNT so there might not be any GFX separated from TNT so you are not allowing many people viewing any progress outside of this private group?

BTW have you yet this previously to this game?
1975 Monza v1.00
corrected 1972-1975 Monza layout ?

U could try this out

great job !

That u uploaded carsets 76-81 , lost links uploads files to MU so now ppl can get this carsets from here thx.

Whole mod should be dwl now on from 1960s mods does hold this game still breaking some new avenues by users like JALNERVION angar Luigi Mennella neiln1 who we are thanked for.

I believe it is more like one-in-all package of all mods he has for this years managed to collect and dwl by his own. There could be plenty of fixes to which wouldn't otherwise to be available.. I like to know more what exactly is in there so some info about any changes to original sets. There is negative thing that whole .rar need plenty of GB to get as whole so u cant dwl one single season. do u have any screens or vids such in share coz very few ppl here anymore show what they do with anything they have dwld. What are there request can you more detail ?

holidays italy
I could possible also upload more lost links uploads files if needed so how could u put my mediafire links to Wookey's page?
I did read ur manual and it was great but few programs wont work in my pc so I couldnt efficiently do job

So what 1984 is needing? How physics is going to be made this time, as far as in that 1985 AI spinned altogether more , when directly used un-modifiedly rfactor physics. I let you use anything from me but I will be glad to be credited.

I did upload more newer version so I want to delete the earlier uploaded version.

"Reverse steering" Setting
I am so grateful that u have dedicated ur time to do fixes/corrections those AIWs.

anticipation for this v3.0 has been going on for a while! improvement is always appreciated.

I have quite a few back-up's so this is the Solitude . I could possible also in future upload more lost links uploads files if needed.

To this site is there any rules how many uploads could be done for racesimulations by single user? There is plenty of stuff offline could use this site download section.

I´ve just sprend 2 hours to search a tobbacoan Carset to Season 2000 and 2002 but i cant find it nowhere even those were available some years ago. So do you know where i can donwload those both sets?...

I have looked after .hdv files and for part of rf gpc79 mod files cant in f1c environment work well for AI so some lined need changes as brake values as AI overheat those and spin in apex.

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 3:26 pm

Topic: Breaking in Canada GP?

I for one , am quite amused that you are making this imaginary tracks but there is nothing to stopping not have some variety in terrain types. So I guess underwater track is inside massive glass tube and in very deep atlantic ocean so also it will be very dark place and so its completely artificially lighted. For request is there any change you working on Long Beach (1982-3) / Detroit (1982) you make layouts all kind of secondary racing (kart) but some real f1 tracks in past still could have priority over them perhaps?.

......or toyotas cars which disqualified after race cause was illegal brake radiator siz...

Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:43 pm



The lods are great but the lack of all the best tracks make this pack dated. It would take a bit time to me make complete 1980-1989 trackspack to 156 races and it need to take all the tracks around F1C extra using GP3 conversion to LV, Dallas.

All I can say what a superb job there mate! I still will try out how well AI now are able navigate in those places but you seemed made at least few them optimal .

this is the Phoenix that had the probs.

BTW we have in other thread similar topic : ... hp?t=23884 so shall we continue there perhaps.

This community does lack physics expert (Sky did accurate physics David Marques Season) so most of vintage Seasons have very poor inaccurate physics. Its all lack of details. Question remains who are the capable people here who can do physics for this mods?

We have no working links to some ur uploads 1976-1984 So is it ok for u if I take a initiative and upload them around here with some fixes and changed physics? U get credit of author. If you n On Mario bother to collaborate in making of FORMULA 1 TT Turbo Transition I am on company.

This issue was quite apparent from week u released it as you might have seen I say let AI really take carefully that corner.

Hi as I have read that you have made by ur own some updates for some
tracks Circuits . I am now on looking for years 1985-1999 like Carrera.4 Circuits (such as fences from .bmp to .tga format/garages to pbox format/ fixes tyrewalls/fences) I like to know is there anyway I could try them out so the time u took fix could also others help. So are u willing to share your improved versions to anybody?

I just finished my 1988 with extended 28 races which half were having serious raining some part of weekends . this time I was seriously driving replacing G Berger and either winning (mostly due dirty blocking or cutting) or DSQ as reckless ignorance of rules. As general top teams were McLaren and Ferrari sharing 27/28 races wins only once beaten by N Piquet. In end I lost all changes to title damaging car with incident with wall in penultimate race so season Score Points standing table were:
A Prost 186 Points 6 wins
Me 168 13 w
A Senna 164 6 w
M Alboreto 94 2 w

I enjoy seeing others recreate history and writing it on here.

USGP Monaco GP South Africa GP Spanish GP
Long Beach (1976-1981) Monaco (1970-1972) Kyalami (1970-1982) Montjurich (1971-1975)
Long Beach (1982) Monaco (1973-1975) Jarama
Watkins Glen (1971-1974) Monaco (1976-1982) Argentina GP
Watkins Glen (1975-1980) Buenos Aires (1972-1973) German GP
Detroit (1981-1982) British GP Buenos Aires (1974-1981) Nurburgring (1971-1976)
Caesar's Palace (1981-1982) Brands Hatch (1970-1978) Hockenheim (1977-1982)
Brands Hatch (1980-1982) French GP
Sweden GP Silverstone (1970-1974) Charade (1972) Italian GP
Anderstorp (1973-1978) Silverstone (1975-1982) Dijon (1974-1982) Monza (1971-1982)
Paul Ricard (1971-1981) San Marino (1981-1982)
Japan GP Brazilian GP
Fuji (1976-1977) Interlagos Canadian GP Austrian GP
Jacarepagua Mosport Osterreichring
Belgium GP Montreal
Zolder Netherlands GP
Nivelles (1972-1974) Zandvoort

I like to know which version of tracks do u have in use for 1979-1988. Have you made personally any changes for this tracks not shared publicly?

it such example Monaco 1988 ,Dijon (1974-1982) ?

Kyalami (1970-1982)

Hockenheim (1977-1982)
Brands Hatch (1980-1982)
Monaco (1980-1982)
Silverstone (1975-1982)

Monza (1971-1982)
Paul Ricard (1977-1983)
San Marino (1981-1982)
Fuji (1976-1977)

Do u have any convertions not yet any shared publicly to f1c?

publicly you and On Mario shared . I think this are OK.
Anderstorp (1973-1978)
Watkins Glen (1975-1980)

Hows have you yet managed to create physics to 1980 -1982 ?

Long Beach (1982)
Long Beach (1983) What is status on this ? Can you cast a light who has been doing anything for Long Beaches?

I allow sharing any my work in any F1 Challenge 99-02 mods as far I get credited for it.

I dont want to be overly negative but reality is that in neiln1 mods physics never has been balanced or get priority so in certain years there has been many older files still left around. As far I am concerned he has said not been interested to do physics by himselves so thats been burden for rest us end-users figure out. I have personally always changed this physics more closer performance for each teams to get more even results.

If you take a look example for mods 1977-1984 physics has been made by various different people so results can varies significantly in track day.
What you can do is copy from to one working team all physics to rest of teams to get all cars identical level and and then maybe increase engine torque to best teams and let .rcd files control rest of outcome.

So most of us who ever played 1977-1984 neiln1 mods this issue has been enormous and noticeable. But me and angar are interesting solving and making improvements in this area in future.

Is this still thread still on? even I havent drove in Bagen for while it has too terrible skymapping.


About this I have tried to reduce certain repeater files to used as lights/clouds in circuits and include it to Common/LOGOMAP.MAS or alternative Common MAS-file this all because I am tired to have same image file all over used in every location anyway.

But for rest of you I should have mention of this or just give a solution to fix-around. I will for certainly update any tracks if they will CTD. nothing i Guess?
I was always wondered why u have Frentzen name and why u disslike MSC?

Fantastic that you have converted a new version of 70's Nurburgring made by Motorfx and got permission. His versions to 70s Tracks are to make better 70's Trackpack if all converted.
I tried 1975 Monza v1.00 but there is still plenty of more.

In 3DSIMED replace lines of material names in ground material name requested not supported in terrain file by default names!!!!!!!! you don't need to change terrain file if you replace everything by default f1c material names.

My uploaded 1995-6 Formula 1 Trackpack is bit hard to making work because .mas files in .scn might request textures from other years .mas files so I like to know how u do it. In princible I have nothing against use my works as far I get credit so I will allow you to use my material and make this packs.

Indeed I could improve some aspects of this tracks for season 1995-6 if u like to request something.

My idea is try to make separate new .mas file Hires textures updates for each
Circuits so you dont upload whole same MAP.mas over again. and so you would need make scn order look like for 1995:


This all for minimum HD disc requirement.

It could be one idea to have for each 60 and 70 all mods in one pack. One my associate Charles Hallan says:

you can open this link?

This file is temporarily unavailable because there are no resources available under the owner’s account. Learn More.

So now he cant yet play 1964 and he like to make video of it.

Order of installation :
1966 , 1969 , 1967, 1968, 1965, 1964

does this really need to be installed in Order to able to fully functional play?

---how much really you are into 80s mods
its my second life
quite a bit
ehhh its not my cup of tea
there is no f1 after seventhies and I dont bother

Maybe you should try schumacher-180 1986. ... /1088.html

Post trace what went wrong. We like to get updates to 80's mods if some1 cares.
Improving of the current mod u have now might be in place.
Some update for all teams is the way to go.

I got to wait and c who are might and brave to rescue this years.
Whole 80's still need better mods all rest than 85 & 89 Cockpits/physics need replaced in most of years.

I race with 48 tracks in champs so I could include also many non champ venues . So No need to turn and cycle tracks each years. Las Vegas and so street circuit were not exactly made for racing but they were demanding and added variety and best driver still won.

Hey Are you develop physic for especially 1980 and 1981?
I have too develop so any coop would be great if you need to learn something?

"On Mario"

So you think you are ready to make CL mods 1982-1983? I indeed have data of this I might try upload for you but I have struggled make this mods playable on my own so I wish any attention is given this years as they still are quite broken. It would be fantastic if this years could be made level of David Marques mods.

The leading characters have been :
Neil Nehring , Kaps, neiln1 pk4ever TeslaF1

I have compiled 1981 and 1982 as well and are releasing that as a separate mod called FORMULA 1 TT Turbo Transition

How are developing tracks that have the "Period" sponsors and track building ? I like to know what medium (site) are you working on and what new need to be done? Can I help anyhow for FORMULA 1 TT Turbo Transition?

Without having time now to going 3DSIMED
in F:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\F1 Challenge 99-02\CREWF1SeasonData\Circuits\Germany\1970_Hockenheim

remove all FLAGGERs such as:

I did hear that u are closely friends with Eddie Matapayos what is he able to help your progress? is physics WIP?

Soon you will beat Sam Alex record to convert most tracks for F1C!

So how can I see what you and neiln1 are doing?

Neiln1 definitely has all his mods in safe on his HD
but not have yet bothered re upload if broken death links. Also his activity here since 2010 has been very low. But if poke PM for him you could get everything he have ever done.

Showtimethemusic / luis How about your 1984 do you still have data of this as you for all of us recommended to burn everything to DVDs?

I have been constantly trying out anything you guys are doing for F1C. But I haven't able to take a part for making this mods due I ve been busy in other facets of life. So for 1970s-1980s I like to help. I like to know clear list of new things you need certain help as new car physics set or just feedback or small fixes I can be handy.

For now on I just personally would like to see 1976-1983 in latest condition if there is anything relevant going for it I like to know.

Also I have by self updating Track Pack for those years as mainly year specific track sponsorship as I you could see in various my uploads in past such:

How is 1982-1983 Long beach layout by neiln1 going? .

So I don't really try request anything more than if you guys tell what plans you have and possible development so I would be thankful.

All in all I just like to being more involved in development.

I check this website like 2x in a year so I wont here answer questions frequently but I pretty much know most of times causes of errors.

I have seen few second class conversion this cars from GP4 or RF to F1C but they have never been released here for quite obvious reasons. I think cover them but they aren't really well converted.

In your case you are having new terrain.ini which have lines requiring JALNERVION special effects 3.0 or higher installed to game.
valid reactions in . So fix back old terrain.ini made in 2003 to F1 Challenge 99-02\Circuits.

I think racesimulations forum is faster way to get you or

I am impressed about your new work over there! in 2.9 helmets were sometimes too high and there was not good standard of helmets sizes. Also cockpits weren't all having working gauges and driver arms moved through outside of cockpit sides. It was very good mod but I am looking for even better also is there ever gonna be new 1987 mod?

I am such an addict to 80s so I like to help if there is anything I can take part like new car physics or bug testing (this which I am keen into).

CREW's F1-Seven (order of installation : 1975,1974,1971,1973,1972)

Order of installation of f1 sixties:
1966 , 1969 , 1967, 1968, 1965, 1964

Awards F1C 2011 Racesimulations...

Now this year is in its final moments so I think it is a time for such a topic.
This yearly tradition hasnt really well took of for last few years but I like to mention the best contributors for this game. Its not been as plentiful year for new mods than it was last year but there is still plenty of action.

My personal opinion says that:
BEST MODERATOR OF RS schumacher180
BEST CAR UPLOADED FOR F1C 65 cars by Luigi70 Sam Alex
BEST TRACK UPLOADED FOR F1C Frentzen127 1995 Montreal
2011 BEST MOD maker FOR F1C David Marques
BEST ADD ON FOR F1C F1_Car Manager Manual_Champ._Manager 1.3 by kamiloxnumetal

BEST MODERATOR OF RS schumacher180
BEST MOD UPLOADED FOR F1C F1 1994 David Marques
BEST CAR UPLOADED FOR F1C 1964 cars by Luigi70
BEST MOD maker FOR F1C David Marques
BEST ADD ON FOR F1C Find_DirectDraw_Error_CR_v1.2 by CECCO#33

2012 awards for F1 Challenge 99-02 mod community
F1C Modder/MEMBER of the

This is bit late but having yearly tradition going-on who and what were the best contributors for new mods uploads made in year 2012 (1.1.-31.12) for F1C?


give your opinion! ;D

---- is ranked 1,267,680 in the world (among the 30 million domains). This site is estimated worth $2,149USD.

sry if this topic arent in right place. anymore used but there isnt for this year y

Its great that my Imola 1980 stuff get here featured here! thx
what is ur name in Racesimulations?

I cant enough thank all your effort to bring circuits I believed nobody was ever going to try make (Questor Gp, 1974 Medici) but here you are and we almost have now even all layouts of every WDC event ever held so I suppose you should take a look to create such as 1976-1983 Longbeach layouts + many others and so we also would have a real tracks on accurate layouts for every year...

Driver="Jean-Christophe Boullion" u need change that line

or crete dublicate and mod like

Classes="FormulaOne, OpenWheel, 1995" add so it Classes="FormulaOne, OpenWheel, 1995 , noai" so other name wont drive.

Include all Tracks in this seasons and is having more authentic looks on those than any other Trackpacks made for such seasons yet.

You surprised me and gave us something as some of us had become little cynical about your interest for this community.

I give a good run for all what do you upload here. I think you are still class of the game what it come to making original mods.

Your 95/6 Seasons are still il primo for their quality and in good use by myself. It is great see that you didnt waste your effort but are letting us enjoy your creations. Crashking I wish you best for next year!

u are already one of the best track maker around.
I am be pleased .

This is defined circuit .gdb file ,so check that .

Its been quite a resurrection since the incident which occurred to SamAlex so 65 seems finally arrived. Isnt there anymore left 14 unreleased years still to go...51-64?!! So thx to closing this gap yet again.

holiva1 thx your summary of things you did spot right on .That is the way people should report little hinges from mods.

For East London there is better version by Bircuc which dont have that tracks asphalt altitude issues.

I am not sure has anybody yet successfully given correct reason but this has happened to me many times too.

Some occasions game cant access or rewrite .bch file where is all champ data results held. Change in driver names or veh locations has few times CTD. Next track load new car textures which are sometimes in memory from previous track like you have new liveries through season so it can also be case.

So check that in champs .gdb file (1989.gdb) track Sceneorder list every names are correct so in game in the race section you should see all the 16 tracks displayed first in champ SceneOrder before starts of alphabetical order tracks (possible other selectable venues).

If you try force drive championship more than 21 opponents game automatically reset this value after each events but will cause CTD so you likely cant have more than 22 cars in championship due game only recognize cars until [OPPONENT20] after it wont allow load more.

If you can do one following race by every new reboot time of game its something to do reasons above not by usual causes which other people has suggested.

I have not time now go mention plenty of other very minuscule reasons which can cause it but it can be very trivial.

and I would be pleased if all tracks have as many AIW gridspot as possible (26-36) so races wouldn't be marred with lack of cars which couldnt start races. I was also surprised how some of your old circuits had quite a different terrain flatness from real life like in: 1952S ROUEN LES ESSARTS or 1950S Monza.

Not that I dont think that this game not have yet good Hockenheimring 1982 but seem pretty well same.

Hi plodekk and co. You have take good long work in this packs.
In this huge pack there pretty many of the textures quite a relevant for those year you are making.

It is not possible in a championship season by having certain same tracks name twice. As you already guessed right You have to create duplicate of all -AIW. -gdb -scn -cam -trackicons files and rename them example of: from 2006_Monza and just one letter different like to 2006_Monza1 and you can make them like Round 1 / Heat 1 and so on. It will crash game if you force game download same event twice with same name if you try fix it around.

Carrera4 gave me personal permission share his tracks in this game in 2008 when I was asking him pm in rfactorcentral , so he let me know that if he was credited for all his works he did allow tracks conversion to F1 Challenge or any other game. I don't know if he has changed his policy since that.

There is old in this pack.
I am so excited that you will recreate history over so long time span. I haven't yet driven full seasons in sixties so what good somebody cover it. I would like have a two car team entry I like the cars to fully lime green.

You can change it by F1_1993_damage.ini line - Engine=16000.0 (increase that by 10x ) // Impulse to seize engine

One of weakness is in older mods that many of them integrated their files to main folder cmaps.mas so they override other files and then you will have such amount of conflicts arousing. Then if you replace those .mas files automatically when installing new mod, some previously installed mods will miss their critical files such as tire textures which are used by all teams.

So we learnt lesson that always create new special unique season mas for each mods.

I guess you haven't used that 1971-1981 Drivers pack? Marc wasn't that bad with 4 scored points but obligating whole field has more to do with Theodore physics than .rcd files.

upgrade looks nice

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racesimulations Racesimulations Best Friends Group
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This fan b-spec just was in one race so It should have maybe more downforce than non fan version.

That sound that you have took a very dedicated approach to further release Just take a time and make your best!

DNQ cars are CREW seasons so if all rest of 70s season included them would wonderful news.

Duplicate textures just come when Duplicate whole car without paying attention that textures names are changed in process . I think it isn't too big effort in the end.

I have been struggling myself having as many mods as possible in single installation and all due all mods having overlapping filenames. As we have seen particularly in David Marques Seasons , its more to do with modders ensuring that to every new season every filenames must be unique for texture and mesh!!!!! , never reuse or share it with another team It would have saved me 1000s h of time if people would have understand that principle from beginning.

It wasn't never intended by ISI to make this work so they didnt code it to game and you must be able code game.exe to make it work( scripting knowledge ). Remember that even AI drivers increase lag due they position must be sent to every clients.

U can also change to CollTarget=false on this !

To you neiln1, I have read all your posts and they are containing very useful information to better understand how things works in development. For me Its becoming very interesting to know how each mod maker approach their task and how they are able solve problems. I can sympathize any of your effort but I am few of those people who really care. Having little journal or just post of anything coming up to mind is the way to go!!!

If you are still starting I like if you send me liveries to 1966 Honda , coz I haven't installed this mod.

My entry is:

Team="Sizuoka Honda Nihon"
Driver="Tadeku Okiwara"

//Driver Info
Team="Sizuoka Honda Nihon"
Driver="Chung Wang Cheng"

//Driver Info

Description=" 1966 Sizuoka Honda Nihon"
Manufacturer="Honda "
Classes="FormulaOne, OpenWheel, 1966"

FullTeamName="Sizuoka Honda Nihon"
TeamHeadquarters="Yokohama, Japan"

I get black stripes to Renault cars liveries in 1977-2006 when raced in Zandvoort various versions. ... part01.exe ... part02.rar ... part03.rar ... part04.rar ... part05.rar ... part06.rar ... part07.rar

tc2000 version of 9s isn't acceptable replacement so you are way to deliver improvement.
For the change shamaless name TNT-"The Nameless Team" use .

It is fascinating that you were able deliver so many seasons from 80-90s , it is very hard improve them anymore in this game.

The pics you selected to show were wisely chosen , andrea moda by mccarthy stopped after few 200m from pits halted death by trivial mistake and that was all his driving there and that was big embarrassment for whole team.

F1 1984 Season (GP4 conversion) - 99% complete This definitely the next great come by.

IDT mod. 2003 ChampCar Season was incomplete on their mega release so finally some1 come to finish it.

1992 F1 season mod is phenomenal, primo, prodigious, rad, remarkable, smashing, spectacular, striking, stupendous, superb, terrific!

I liked the changes you were able to make to gp79s Watkins Glen apart still having used same old .aiw which have issues on Scheckter Chicane. So Detroit 82/ 1982 Detroit is ...
Bit of shame of lack of input lately from me_slayer10 & bigfelix , who were the real forces behind machine. But new crew have learned tricks of game and deliver almost same quality. There will be quite a some fixing still needed. Models are good same goes cars liveries looks. Would give 8/10 to current release but why didn't you bother make new presentation of all cars on this page instead in FB?

Aero forces arent simulated dynamically affected by other vehicles in f1c, so slimstream benefit and lose of downforce in corners cant be accurately anyhow modded.

Whole SEARCH seems bug at 1/2 times . Been tested over 1 year period with 800 request and some 400 them cause this.
Charles says:

We all here are very patience. Thx of pushing boundaries and still delivering goods. Apart of real topic there is plenty of pace to smaller total size of track-pack using all same textures (sky,roada,logo) in one single mas.pack so we don't get same 4mb texture repeated in 20 .mas files.

Those 3-years cherry been modeling you learned ropes and was adding season to 90s like ur pride nations produced Lecrin 90 mod. You could have been know the first to really magnificent 92 maker but still there is place some rel;ease. Arigato Cherry!

I hasn't yet seen in F1C 88 Monaco/ Hockenheim . In 2007 Interestingly permission to given all his tracks to be used in this game for various persons samalex/Wooke/CRISTIAN LUIS. So even he might not bother respond anymore permission request, you can share them via your usual channels.

I will research the calendar of the can-am
the tracks
Suhail says:
Charles says:

I downloading the mod csgt
for complete the mod can-am[
Suhail says:
Charles says:
do you leave now
Suhail said (08:14):
1989_Phoenix.AIW 304. kb isnt working well for races . So anybody got version which in .AIW AI cars stop middle of track suddenly ?
I try bump this and keep asking that fix will come on time.

Testing Driver Talent Files
Do you have some type of database where u get all images for making textures to 1976 -1985. What kind of hobby is F1 Challenge to urself other than building carsets to 1976 -1984? Ive been very curious that you been around in this game and all, but I hasn't found idea of about . What things do you do with all stuff in ur directory of F1 Challenge. In generally what purpose does this all serve , just a hobby? do u have any screens or such in share or stories of races you've created?

Would be great to know some kind of database of all files around this game so you could be sure that you have tested and tasted all there have been added by this very disperse

I like to add u coz u are still part of racesimulations F1 Challenge community i got some questions about ur database .

thx to reading this.
Answer is simple no, this game AI is hard coded so steering and brake help make no difference to recognize other cars. There aren't anything to mod it. Only way is to drive as -noplayer .

Nope there is no any kind of change to add moveable marshals like Geoff Crammond GP4. But u can allways add some static object so do it. I´ve just sprend 2 hours to search a tobbacoan Carset to Season 2000 and 2002 but i cant find it nowhere even those were available some years ago. So do you know where i can donwload those both sets?...

So the question is: David did you make the gdbs and makes a mistake in the upload?
Or you didn't make real 1990 gdbs?
If second is truth do you want I make it for the mod?

Thanks again.[/quote] If this my post will be too much of nitpicking I can only apologizes if you think its somehow irrelevant but try encourage all mods to be as authentic as possible. So I try be more constructive on my critic and give my thoughts of observations.
minor observations:
So far I have kept book what .gdbs all data is made in such mods , I am personally as well interested collecting all real grids so I usually check them out. On David Marques 1985 1989 1990 1991 1993 releases only 1991 has had corrected Qualifying order /RaceEvents /PitStopStrategies / Track Record (up to date). Weather , this is something that almost every mod has neglected (not 1991).

So there is likelihood that this aren't made specifically to this mod 4 this time. As you did correctly spotted holiva1, most of them are recycled and copied from 1988 1991 1994 and 1995 which are made so far.

As you might know creating them can take 1 hour for one single file so it is pain of effort creating them to all seasons so I understand if somebody didn't did those.

I have seen some ppl talking to creating database here where people can contribute any missing such file to be made if they are willing. I haven't myself seen those files yet to be made in many season in any mods yet including exp 1990 , so those .gdbs not exist in any released mods at large.

So anybody go ahead and create/edit yourselves .gdb for and get credit to seasons >
1983 1984 1985 1987 (partially made by Cristian Luis )1989 1990 1992 ,1993 (partially made by BR).


Final word about 1990 Life L190 physics. This car never was able even be 10s of pre-qualification limit. This mod doesn't include Life w12 engine which was a sloth. Interestingly judd v8 is only choice here, which was used only in 2 entered race weekends (POR-ESP) against 12 entered race weekends to Life w12.
It should be so unreliable that car begin disintegrate after 3-5 laps and some kind of fault will end the ride . There is no way it could go 30 laps or full race distance on its original setups. So this car was never just 3-6 s off pace but more likely over 20s - 1min.
Try read out all written words of their success so will find out.

That is the reason, why I hoped it to be presented hopelessly impossible to able race with it on this mod.

Copy .sfx other car.

U should have used GP79 LB79 in behind making new, not scratch build due there is good amount of made track already and buildings so , only if you could beat that one autencity then fine. Dont stop to layout but make it also up to other circuit out there.
Having played on all cars I have faced several downfalls.

Arrows uses all its non A- LODS (b-d) Benetton models, so A11B09VB is actually B190 copy. In other B-D LODS many errors too.
FWD.MTS not made to any teams so crash if they on .gen. FONDB8SPKRIM00 bogus rim image asked by game and not in mod.
As in general this mod is meant to be played on high , good effort to try create more scalable models to weaker machines but not all of them are finished.
Last , Life is just way too quick car I could win on 100% dif, sky is giving the poorest cars too much speed.
As you can see it requires you to have ETCC mod installed to able to hear in this cars. So you can try change and swap that files to some other .sfx files. They forgot to change lines and in audio folder there never was included specially made Celica sounds.
On Celica.sfx
Yeah AIW need changed .Porto58.AIW . open it and copy paste this over and replace same lines of original. I cant attach and other upload slow to whole file.
You never cease to surprise me how you seem able so quickly come giving finished product. This is something wonderful and just so well-done.
This project seems to come nice along . No hurry so most of cars can fit continuation to other crew seasons.
Not that I am much part on this development currently (I wish they would use some open access webforum for this so I could better able to see what needs to be done) but I would be very cautions on those given time schedules. It is great to set deadlines but it is nasty to explain for others why did you missed them once again. LB 82 tracks is just closer to 81 than 83 layouts.

Great hear some updates. I have checked also your videos that has been posted , good amount of editing and something very fine personal approach to presentation.

I remember when in back 1995 I did play fantasy boardgames with few schoolmates and I named teams on pseudonyms just like ferrari = farmari and e.t.c.

Would be shame for sake of continuation and freshness of this place if you any time soon stop F1H. Sad
If your still around u must add to ur game .exe start-up properties line -trace=1000. search web more to know.

There is same SamAlex convertion already. 60s GPL versions of MontTremblant, bugatti, WatkinsGlen, Nurburgring, Mosport -some name to mention , hasn't been available to F1C.

1960-1969 mods will be finished to this game by someone in some day so keep a support any project coming up.

You are prodigy who really have been bit by productivity fly to create some never ever before created arenas of motorsport , in same token what it took you few months to create few circuit in same time of course the accuracy of them suffered as Pedralbes or Ain Diab could have been given more local background research to get unique feeling, but I am not asking you to going to travel and snapping 1000s photos of real locales. As your tracks are absolutely closed by hay barriers in both side of circuit for whole length that was used only some places actually so there should be more open space.
For Ain Diab this means that it should more resemble Carthage36 if you have driven that track.

I know this are the first versions and in time there will be more detailed ,as you look like more are into creating new content and not fine tuning same.

I too have long time had this Problem in qualifying sessions. Kaps suggestions is false , it has indeed nothing to do with physics. I will try look into it over time.

AIW files does make some difference as it varies what garages this affect when you try different AIWs .

Btw hello carters4! Nice to see u interested of 198x/9x seasons.
I am curious how you like to play those seasons , are u as me playing Championship seasons?

David M 1991_Imola has AIW worser than
than Imola 1980-1994 version

How did you found out this game? F1C is indeed very good way to do history of Formula 1 with AI cars.
I have managed at least once drove every single Formula 1 Championship Race driven since 1964- in F1C (over 800 Races now on)

This is default bug in brasil unless AI cars pass xfinish they always have wrong race position in last 2 sectors of lap its all about .AIW!

Talking about any AIW made to Ain Diab there is issues of in the pit straight some AI cars suddenly slowing down which cause accidents so I would advise anybody fix it.

The most I am looking for 50's real versions those used in World Championship, which are gonna make very accurate version of 50's mods possible. There is still therefore circuits which lack some historic layouts as example Reims Gueoux bypass was cut away and more length was added to other side in later years. So would be phenomenal if you can make all of this you have planned.

Certainly also new street circuits are all exciting as novelty.
Dont let your creativity be repressed you are free to experiment on your own. There is still going many minds on ambitious doing something different for this community.
I am bit astounded how many people in recent times, have found a will to making something new modding, who hasn't been before active, so there is too new talents around. All of that of course in positive light.

Going into discussion of what all can be created in this game without fundamentally changing the game engine. As far this game seems to be strictly driving game , so you cant hop out of cockpit and free walk around pit-area. Understanding that only propulsion method is by traction of wheel so there wont be possible make flying or hover trusted machines to archive forward movement. So too making some water jet mod would be ankward when you cant animate dynamic water or 2-wheeled moto bike mod in which physics engine lack certain parameters.

I am unsure of how much really you are into looking it making it stand out. The very basic thing is making it easy to install and giving some novel feeling to as many people as possible have a nice textures and complex 3d model.

It is easy to pick certain type of motorsport and making it realistic presentation of such, so fantasy or fictionary setting require more imagination and capacity to innovate. As much the physics allow I ve been trying making very quick speed of sound accelerating cars to enjoy and test more reactionary required driving abilities.

You should maybe make a poll if popularity is important any choices would be nice to know how long you are willing to work and what type of dream you have the most interesting thing to do? Good luck what ever you gonna do.!

So take your time and come up with goods.

It is fascinating that wookey still this day have interest to F1 Seven. So he can organize and lead remaining projects. Do some things such as keeping book of different peoples contribution, to able us react some extent to 75 onwards. Make some database of all liveries people has created so some day this people involved can release ala type GFX mod, come with all in one package of it all. AS you know some people doesn't care create cockpit to all cars and then some who bother can add it. The idea is same make sure people doesn't need repeat fixing same thing from different locations.

There seems to be tiny cult for modder support and admiring, forming here. We all are looking for his enormous valuable contributions able to close any gaps of missing seasons in early decades alongside of luigi and hopefully someone else. We wish best for you and want you to work to create with your well-known golden magic touch mods for this game
It has been one of very good year to F1C there has been come mods to every decade of f1 and to many other racing series. People are still busy to archive to complete every year mods of history.

F1C live much of all in very few sites this days and this site has most of addon developers so comparative popularity it could be somewhere 3-10 of f1 only PC games. ... &start=165

merry christmas my friend

nice to see u here today
merry christmas my friend too

how are you on christmas?

i go to driving on ice ring
kat with spike tires


you ve made big effort

Im pretty fine today
I had watched
Indylights race

wish best to every

me too
well what you will do today?
I will do one special camera for 2010 season

i will help
one team on filers
fantasty carset for F1GP (1992)?
do u share it

yes if you want
you will play F1GP?

do u have any screens?
of ur cars

but they're pixelated
I will make
one new
Georgi sends:

here is a picture
of my Team Bulgaria


Georgi sends:


and here
is one race

thanks to F1edit i had maked this carset
Puedo fingir su nombre
u been winning many races?
team BG

well the carset is mine
but I hadnt raced
with him

only for test runs
like this
Georgi sends:


and see this
my shape + my livery
I have a whole carset
for GP2 too
later converted to F1GP


Now I will convert it to GP3 and GP3 Season 2000

I have a video with GP2
this is a presentation
are yuo ready with this video?
here is another one

i enjoy most seeing videos
usted es un perdedor lento grande

the last one

its hard to spot the circuit

is a race
in Monza

only i know becouse what direction u turn
first is 600m straigh
then 100m braking and turn very slighly left then right left
and long right

yes this is my name in youtube

but where u got it>?
u can race 26 in race

well from my fantasy
you talking about
yes I can
the maximum number is 28
minimum is 26

u dont make repot to topic Your last race, win, pole....
of every race u do?

well because I just make my carsets
I make only 1 or 2 races
to see if they work fine

you watch many videos f CART in
many my vids have been deletesd
if u share f1 there

I forgot to say that I will convert my carset to ICR2 too
what is your opinion
which game is better
ICR2 or GP2
Georgi sends:


see that


by the way
to race in a speedway
in ICR2
is very funny
ok Im starting to convert my GP2 carset to GP3

maybe then GP4 in 2012
or u not yet so far?

after converting it to GP3 season 2000
I will make liveries for GP4
later shapes
and If I succeseed
I will make for F1C too

so u will make only f1c when u are realllly good

GPX series are good teacher

it is so much easy to make gp1

then more harder for GP2

and step more progressive to later

then for GP3 etc......

yeah i know
are you thiking making it something like rfactor2
you would need super detail
and still all will be bitching its sucks

well for now Im studying how to make more realistic liveries

u use paint

and am close to reality


for GP2 yes
for GP3 I use Paint.NET
Im very motivated

nice to hear

because before two-three months I was full noob at painting

2011 u will make much better job

for sure
I had founded
one exellent
for GP3 car
now Im used it
to make my first car for GP3
in GP2 the cars are in 256 colors
form GP3 and 2000 they're 24 bits

u didnt mention that only 16 colors in gp1
or 32
there is selection

I dont know
because the paint scheme
is in the editor
and you can paint the parts of the car
maybe you are right they're 16 colors
well now I will try photo shop

You have failed to receive file "TEAM Bulgaria.JPG" from Georgi.

how xmas eve going?
i am glad to ehar you ve found M4D archives?
do you have any jewelleries there?
might have soem requests.
racingforfun says:
hey m8
xmas is gonna be great
in a month i got the WHOLE archive from M4Driving, February 2005 for F1 2002 and F1C... maybe rfactor too
what are your requests

Pro-raver have it all?
racingforfun says:
i just upload it in 1 huge pack... in some parts
he's having the same as me
but if you t a month, you can get everything

yeah but to what site u upload it all?
racingforfun says:
F1 Challenge 99-02 multiplayer mod says:
F1 Challenge 99-02
ezequiel says:
qe qeres jugar?
to racesim?
racingforfun says:
just in some parts
because some stuff might be leeched
i just send it to ppl who are interested
JX 2003 mod is leeched
is a fictional mod
was not downloadable ANYWHERE
and now i got it

does ya have yozzi 94?
racingforfun says:
and thats the pitty... No.
that wasnt uploaded back in february 2005
and this means, i cant get it

what about turbo mods?
racingforfun says:
the same version is uploaded on racesim
no the ollieC version was never released on m4d
and no, nor the turbo mod
nor crashking mods
those came all out in 2005, but not in february but a few months later

can you make some index?
every file names
so we can know what all the stuff are
racingforfun says:
well, in a month you have all files... it are just normal filenames
like JX2003 mod is jxmod.rar

and how much it all takes in GB size?
any estimation?
racingforfun says:
well, back in that period the files were not that big as they are now
i think f1 2002 and f1c will be 3 GB
but then it are all rar files
they are not unpacked
1 on the 500 files is damaged
but thats not because of me
thats because, that upload failed I think when alessandro did
same as the mini cooper challenge on racesim
which is a corrupt file as well

is btcc93 available?
racingforfun says:
but believe me, theres a lot of files which you would like
i do even have a lot of champcar addons
the whole 1994 mod archive, except the full mod

racingforfun says:
the 1998 mod with normal iconshape and bks
nascar icons
but getting a file on m4d took a while
and about a month you can get the whole archive in just 30 minutes

you saw i released a trackpack and expansion set for RLSF F1 2006???

yeah they are awesome
now there is good legal 2006
racingforfun says:
many scratch build mods are in progress
it looks like f1c is alive or something

yeah it depend
there is certainly less ppl playing it
but the few create more
the ratio of user vs modders have become like evry1 in f1c players make some addons now
and f1c never have complete lose it fanbase
if old gp series still has players
much of community doesnt make noice out of few forums
so f1c is never mentioned in games sites etc
racingforfun says:
you already noticed that bhmotorsports is dead?

i check places once in month
Internal Server Error
i dont go any conclusion
that is death
but maybe offline
is it such hard job keep em up?
cost of few uploads is not bad
racingforfun says:
but when ya upload something there
it goes never online
Good job also allowing the mods to be working as extension of previous years. brazilians have this thing to create all years of those 11 years mods to memory their great postpone leader.
All the hard work of by creators of this has been finished of excellence results. Models are very well done conversions itself show the talent behind modders, not faults here to be found!
Trackpack has been bought to real look-alike. It is made to racing and is absolute must alongside this year mod.
Expansion of special liveries to all 2006 races something which match RH-standard.
Making season driving more accurate of progress of year. Very fine but little bit too much space requiring..

So are you using the latest neiln1 mod? As cecco said helmet use texture for both drivers. It would take a bit time do to change by self, so ask pm neiln1 does he have a fix.
I really think this are best for those year released yet, so can you make them for rest of whole 50s and 60s? I will collect them anyway so we will also have standard .LODs every season.
t isnt any common to both. the stadium of MontJUICH is different named of Estadi Olimpic, and hosted quite a major sport competition event in 1992, which I visited the city and area. So Nou camp is some 1500 m away to NW from another stadium. Nou camp of course was replacement stadium to older one.

I am very greatful all the effort you been getting this somehow forgotten race venues to game. Although the scenery isnt as accurate to having every building made of 50s real counterpart surroundings. likewise some average GPL type standart.

I certainly did download good load of them but what you do is what matter. I got buzz to recreate all raced races in time of history plus more races on worldwide and at least 5 fictional drivers and few teams with rest being real. Have you driven too some full races and champs of all things you ve ever got? I have made since 2008 videos which are running now over 10.000 on share sites, of every AI champs which I havent participated as driver, only filmed of various games. GP series lack in many respect ability to full accurate recreation compared to ISI games. It was much easy just have carsets which quality understable has lost it comparative edge, this all is lack-lustre in many known issues you still havent every shapes neither physics as goes to same limitation of forced 22 slots of cars and tracks.

So to speaking the whole GP-series shortfall is limitations of game engine. Going back to reason to have it all - playing every possible way and using them in every modes at least once.
My very not helping addition to topic. Gearbox in automatic mode can have in this game very hard time to able react final top gear if torque given on ratio isnt at least 5% more than previous gear. Cossies were in end scale very flat peak torque so gain few kmph boost in last gear unless 5% difference, calculated by game physics engine, are able to detect . There then possible aren't going happen automatically changing gears. Only way to change is using more progressive increase between second last and top gear.
Your fantasy mod is something not too many people unfortunately ever try . I haven't here time to go in further details but I have always been too interest create half fiction and half reality based creation but not willing to share any of them. It is just that sometimes person find it more attractive to realize his ambitious and passions or some childhood dreams.
Because this certain imagination is shared only by person in question it come very hard to others get complete understanding its value and reason.

About the your further story of personality and your speciality to able to use certain cognition higher level has come with adaptive selection on individual development process. On any favour pass-time such as interest to video games , mind has reserved more total capacity and memory to it due of time spent and motivation.
post trace.txt from F1 Challenge 99-02\LOG

David_Marques mod have certain features like missing needles from gauges, helmets are positioned too down/low, cockpit view is blocked few cars again by viewing position. :x
How many people has worked on it? how many tracks you worked for 85 textures? GREAT JOB.

Well we have very amazing your and David_Marques versions already so I dont mind any new version of that track. Would be great if you would do something other small things like
1983 LongBeach , Hockenheim 1981-1991 ost chicane or 1982 Detroit little new section. So you just need open the files of ready circuits on ur 3d modeller and then add new section and then release it. I can do new AIW. for them.
It would be great if mod have every driver entered to season even one race weekend, look 1975 crew mod style. So add driver switches so ALboreto drive tyrrell first half and lola from german gp and so on. 1995 race result was my favorite of whole decade

GREAT Do you any version of this tracks , to F1 Challenge 99-02 or can you make a Conversion to F1 Challenge 99-02 :
Dijon GP79 1.00 ... on%20GP79?? same to Monte Carlo 1988 1.00 ... rlo%201988
and last Hockenheim GP79 1.00 ... eim%20GP79 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
There is now not so far fetched track packs to this year 95. You should able to find it ease by my uploads.
In all his years there is so plenty of repeating same files over and over again. Didn't he clean up all folders of team.mas so only the unique car textures in them and max size 3 MB and all rest files are to be found in one main cmaps. I did mention to him in RSC in 2007 about some suggestion but hes more willing to go easy way its have certain compromises when single-men modder is trying to bring entire field from this big time period he lacked a bit same quality control as crew team could provide on their releases as no ctd bugs. Is anybody able to get this kind of version of those years 76-81 v1.00 with redone cockpits and general same quality on every single car ? . Thar CO place is for leechers who many times completely forgot to give credit to creators. They have repacked almost all mods by they own but hardly couldn't include the fixes later released on them.

I am slowly dwl files I try my best make any useful research how well does beta version go on. I understand keeping this closet as private so you can improve it final.
Few question is 4shared. F1CO 76-81 v1.00 version having any differences against of neiln4 single year packs?
Its quickly made doesn't have anything new apart from new bks. and wont work with F1 Seven installation.
I have hold my critic over two weeks but I can tell that there is unwritten rule to have low quality LOD mesh to all cars so people can also race them with good frames. In many .gen there is missing mesh links to other tires which aren't in team.mas so i had to delete all lines to able play. I hope you can any further release make sure to include this there is no reason to rush over ten season in one month when so many things are bit lacking of work behind them.
This arent same and lack accuracy, do you HAVE ANY WILL TO KEEP F1C ALIVE AND RESCUE THEM TO F1C? NO Conversion YET EXIST TO F1C.
I have an idea that this guys work on incorporating neiln4 77 and luigis & tesla version together with using the most quality wheels on all cars and add cockpits with working dashboars.
Don't worry if this 70s seasons aren't working optimally so far, this community have few persons willing to put some work to make them more closer the level of crew 71-1975.
1977 from seventhies. I ve most looked this year of all. There is too void in 1992 but just only if no full mods to it.
I am glad that this season hasn't been abandoned as I've been afraid. Some unnecessary fighting over mod name let someone first release something and lets see after then. We haven't got idea what the ...
Its un-fortune things that more people doing mod then more conflict will go around. My biggest applaud goes to people who has the most contributed by creating something and then sharing it. Neiln1 has.
I ve been trying to get this PERKINS.bmp to show up but hasn't succeed yet. Might be due invalid packing or image saving didn't work out. Ask Neiln1 to get working image file!
I am doing track packs to 90-96 seasons now. I want to to ask from all other members of this community if there is yet any circuit .bk icons to .
I havent done any changes to anything , but ur HD wouldnt be stolen that much space.
So its not my version of anything but this big files in much.
For once I would comment about that we could get much less filesize when you pack everything to mas. files and avoid using any files unrelated to year. I did compress ur 84 from 800 mb to 120 mb and 8..
This finally bring complete status to year 1991 for this game to me. Of course there is some drivers such hattori who didnt yet make it but its the least important. I couldnt manage to get some bugfr.
Looks like there might be change that I can finish my 81 and 82 world campaigns finally (both champs still alive and tight to final rounds).
There isnt never too late add tracks its just the mindset...
As I ve come with ur CL rerelease of turbocars with full extended season races configs the biggest issue is the HD space you have with all imagefiles and meshes being uncompressed from mas files. Tra...
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Forum: EA Sport Games » F1 Challenge 99 02
There isnt that many tracks never done to this game I came long surprise never seen Albacete done, when I wanted some variety in spanish circuits, there is some change that one converter could look
I am sure very interested to see every of them to being available to F1C in way or another.
Ive Being asking them for so long those have been in Rfactor. People however somhow have missed to get
I am keen to see some updates to 87 F1C season. Being drove that year already fully in GP2-4 and in this. The cars could really done more detailed. I would like to see drivers and liveries by race by
I could help with physics. I would combine parameters from carrera4. mods to tires/suspension/engines. Of course I have no RL exp. but could do cars in F1C being believable to those years. I dont know
Hey there I wont promise but I try find time in today to uploading if I dont get it done in time dont expect for while. I will post link to here or pm.
I am so grateful that u have dedicated ur time to do those missing circuit from very best era of racing.
I am kind of heavy passionate user. Every single file I manage to download to this game I will check then every single file that they work correctly before I go to in-game, I try to find any data of files and their creation date and size. Its more that I mess around and less that I make new content that you could download. I usually try to make library achieve of all the mods released to this game that I enjoy, (mainly f1 1960-1996 and sport cars of same years)

I try to self fix certain things, if I got a time, more like I collect every single texture file from mod and repack them but l too I change new physics to unique each car due most of mods simple reuse them on every cars. I put a lot of time to play historic season most single game and so on. I had bit problem on grammar and adding commas.
can I join ur

I call my gaming more like a managering of whole installation and keeping up of idea how many things there are for this game.
Don't worry Luigi 70 you are the source of inspiration that can help crew to complete the 70s.
Its amazing work to put time to shader and such details. Its require skill but its too more time that you like more use on making other things and the former CREW were obsessed towards perfection. At least you got the most important brains of them still around here so yeah!

Hi I am making such changes as real faces to 76&77 drivers whose original has been replaced by placeholder default face and it do not look great to see same face repeated in every cars. Some one was lazy on that. I have also used my own dev phys on all cars.
Hi there! Ed_Straecker It is great to see how you have too worked on making some stuff around this mod. I will keep on eye what ever you will work on.
I would like to get as complete and full mod by single pack as possible and no simple dwl thousands files by all different sites takes so much times when you got wait and hassle I prefer make as much all in one and avoid leaving certain aspects on mod less level than others. I have missed so many other peoples addons due them being either shared by very few people on marginal sites or are quickly disappeared from sites after. Would be great to know some kind of database of all files around this game so you could be sure that you have tested and tasted all there have been added by this very disperse community.
Dont worry I am sure you will sooner or later in future able to upload them. We all here are very patience. Thx of making me delete my GPL installation which has occupied my HD since 1998
Yeah I ve been rally looking this! About Schumacher-180 1986 it has been pleasure to play them as full season by all this works shared here. I am looking for next patch with more cars and not all cars have same physics.
1981-1982 Las Vegas Caesars Palace GP's
FORMULA 1 TT Turbo Transition
remove all description lines as such //
// ... hp?t=23851

Actually they exist but you don't recognize that.
I pretty much think u need only dwl those 3 files it has annexed trackpack to 15 season.
There is issues of cmas.mas when many mods have a same name and put their files on same file so they will overdrive each other.
There is lecrin mp4/5 to 90 which pretty much work as correspond version. You certainly have a car which has been made over 40 000 h ago, i remember seeing that model such a 2004 back and surprise that someone still uses it.
I wonder is that from that senna historic car packs released to f12k2 It had too cars to few other years? I lost it so would be great to see again it somewhere.
Looks like possible in ur .gen you have missing

So either your GFx settings can be changed of detail of your car or u change the value on gens lines.
. I checked there is no Instance=FWING mentioned . so I see the mesh in .mas file is called WB4BxxAFWA so maybe you can replace few digits of this files to fit it.
Actually his mod lack so many things . Take a look how heavy whole thing runs, too big filesize, simple that is too far from anything average. The cars looks fine tought.
Why did you share other people work without asking them first? Are you sure what you can do? big shame .
Make me laugh that all people who complain their enormous tax paying on that place think, when talibans now train their units with this free stuff Tongue paid by their money.
I would be interested of this scans can you anyhow reupload them or such?
Who said anything that this mod will see any daylight ever again?. If you took a glance last post was made 9 months ago. It could be quite considerable that he gave simple up and yes I would like to care to know how any your tracks particularly fit to 93 season? Driving in last 3 years track upgrades looks nice but aren't accurate to be used in any former decade old seasons due layouts have changed as well as many object such of pits and buildings aren't neither same they were over 15 years ago. Try to make certain overall similarity comparate between real 1993 Silverstone race video and driving in f1c of 2010 version of track and you see that they simple aren't same at all. BTW I was JEAN ALESI NO.1 FAn in year 1995 but not anymore over since.

About 1972, same news as before, as I worked mainly on 1970 last month.[/quote]
The one time entry to austria with migault to team owner was interesting to read bout some 2000 racing magazine article so well done bring that one alive. Now those car parts lay around his garden.
Model is great. On other note I just wonder why didnt you just use 55 group mod W196 Streamliner car and not spent time urself which you could use making some 70s cars?

This is marvelous one. Maybe you want to try out make some too to some other tracks?

Yes there is well working version out of EastLondon aiw MrH
There was made abbey short cut by Virtua_LM in Prototype C already in 2004.

Speaking Of Luffield corner how it was in 91-94 when in it was double apex instead the single of successor version, hasn't been made quite a likely to f1c.
It is there! Goootta aplaud to whole your team of such discipline to extend full seasons by another mark with one of most count of entrants teams . Quality is excellent. I could have easily be happy even it would have been released even more further over future.
There wasn't this abbey short cut in HLT 1991 but rather in DM1991 mod.
It happened to me as well. The cause is ags hdv. ask Ford-Cosworth_DFR_V8_89 which isnt in same folder so copy it to mine vehicle folder from some other team as engine.ini. The game will freeze if some physics files missing from players car. Then Johansson name is in his car Johahsson. Pirro's helmet moves too much side ways. I somehow doubt that physics to every car is accurate, certain very slow cars such eurobrun,coloni are too close to top teams as drivability and their values of .hdv are exaggerated.
Hey but it is fantastic mod.

Read more: ... z2K1BTLlg6
Now would be nice take a look how tmu compares to all latest updates of 82-88 such as neiln1 mods 82-85, Schumacher-180 86-7, and some latest conversion of carrera4 88.
Some compilation mods arent as goods. Does someone has made himself the most complete bugfree version of tmu?

New trackpack would be (Formula 1 Circuits 1982-1996 pack) definitely so forget old tmutrackpack which base too much of f1c early tracks and hasnt nowhere same 80s look than other one.

i am greatful that u have stated 1987
racingforfun says:
yeah finally i did

i just wonder could you use new gp4 cars never seen in f1c?

is those cars from Showtimethemusic?
or tmu
or completely new
racingforfun says:
based on the 1986 models
no not froms howtimethemusic

and why did u locked ur topic?
racingforfun says:
his work his dirty
i dont want to have reactions until its release

Malinth If you are working in 1993 and can come off with any carset it would be find place on my HD. Models looks accurate so we are expecting class quality from you.
What FPS number count 1-200 ? you will get on averages.

What tracks cause the biggest slowdown? Give some numbers for all tracks.
Example on my installation of this mods tracks on 26 car grids.

-Monza on start 32-7 FPS/ after few laps 42-50 FPS .
-Spa 50-60/58-70
-Phoenix 18-20/30-38
-Imola 44-50/55-67

Its real wonderful journey for us if we are going to work entire set of tracks one by one . Expanding constantly, making them specifically to their era atmosphere, so lets expect that it will take years to finish all of it.

Anderstorp need have new start position which should be possible in f1c, the version made by etcc which have years been around have it in pit straight and I guess that people like to get HI-res version of all textures and so.

AIW itself aren't important factor so far it doesn't cause cars lose their parts. Big scenery file is important factor.

When on full track/ image quality setting , some bigger 1024x256 and such pixeled BMPs and/or TGAs images or textures will slow down graphic cars older than 2007, and so you should not able to play example with 2003 top-notch PC some latest mods which is good enough to run maximum on vanilla game.

This have become some kind of issue on mods which simple lack any further LODs and only included the maximum quality mesh with potential 2048x2048 livery which will demand quite a considerable power to run.

Poor quality vlm version of his helmets (couldn't get 1988 ) dwl attachment.
There has been so far plenty of attemps to recreate first WC season to F1C. None of them has yet to deliver decent quality representation match most of us expectation so I got to cheer and wish the best you coming with most accomplished yet so far. Being working on physics to another 1950 mod (1950 racesk) which unfortunately hasnt been progressing since mid august, I have a wonder what kind of drivability can be expected to see?
It has all teams competed but not all drivers neither all car models/liveries such alfa 184T/ tyrrell 012.

Read more: ... z2K1BhcERf

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