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Total Immersion Racing [Career] of C. Frau

Today I started a new racing career in the 'Total Immersion Racing' Videogame for PC. This game let you drive in three different competitions (GT, GTS and PRO), and most of the cars and tracks are from the 'American LeMans Series'. When you start in a career, you can choose between an Audi Abt-TT 2002 or a Noble M600, then i took the Audi. In this GT competition, 6 drivers fight for the victory and pass to the next category (GTS). Team Audi (Abt-TT) and BMW (M3) have two cars on track, and Quaife and Noble only one. The first event took place in Great Britain - Silverstone, and I qualified the last, with a time of 1:59.254 and my team mate with 1:58.675. During the race i was much faster than qualify, my best lap was 1:57.342. As I started last, i had to overtake to Matlub (Abt-TT) and McDowall (Noble M600) and i took vantage of 15 seconds. Then I tried to overtake to Bond (Quaife) and Cheung (BMW), Bond hit me out of the track 2 times, but afterthat, i could overtake both doing hotlaps all the time. The total race were 7 laps, and I was 2nd behind the first BMW. Now I'm second in the Points Standings with 6 Points. As the other drivers have now emotions, Bond (Quaife) is little bit angry with me for hit him 2 times too and he want **** me in the next race, we will see who will win the fight. Big Grin

Ah, TIR.... I remember that game. Big Grin

Ok cool, as i forgot save the first race i had to start it another time. I qualified the last (as usual) with a great time of 1.57.344, and my team mate Matlub 1.57.022, so I improved a lot. The race was very easy for me, i was absolutely adapted to my gamepad direction. I didn't have any poblem for overtaking Matlub and McDowall, but yes i had some trouble when i overtook to Blackwood (BMW), Bond and Cheung. Finally i won, with a difference of 19 seconds with Cheung. As I did the hotlap of the race, i got 1 extra point, so now I'm the first with 11 Points, Cheung is the second with 6.

Looking forward Monza now!
I will upload some captures and videos for showing you how is this incredible videogame.

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