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Anyone still playing IRL 2002?

schumacher180 Wrote:Interesting... I played both IndyCar Series (which featured the 2002 IndyCar Series season) and IndyCar Series 2005 (which weirdly enough featured the 2003 IndyCar Series season) and I used to win a lot of races, even online when the game was still hot. Both are amazing games and it's sad that Codemasters didn't continue developing games for the IndyCar Series, especially since the series began to race on some road/street courses as well in 2005. Good luck with your career!

I have to say that I know very well how to set up your car perfectly in both games, I ran a 37.9xx once at Indianapolis, something which I never ever repeated again. In common, I sucked in qualifying but used to dominate the races. Big Grin
late reply here Tongue

IMO, the biggest problem of ICS 2002 was basically the race AI - while it was unbeatably fast with a clear road ahead and by that unbeatable in Qualifying, it just sucked racing in the pack, always outbreaking each other. Still, this game was way ahead of it's time in terms of simulation. Need to grab it again!

Btw, guess I've lost my career, unfortunately. :/

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