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RH2004 - Conversion soon - pietrekk - 09-28-2018


One of my biggest projects or maybe conversions would be soon published after testing. Here I publish beta video.
Big thanks for:
Felipe Giro - Sounds of some cars are amazing
RH Team - for cars and some steering wheels
Studio396 - physics and game Smile

RE: RH2004 - Conversion soon - titi01170 - 09-30-2018

Ho so great! What a great project!

The video doesn't work for me Sad but sure that it looks good!


RE: RH2004 - Conversion soon - pietrekk - 10-01-2018

Fixed, remember that this video is a bit old and I fixed some things. Every time I do small patches to make it working better.

RE: RH2004 - Conversion soon - pietrekk - 11-02-2018