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Random recurring ctd's - Sebse93 - 09-17-2018

I have a weird problem:

Sometimes the game just crashes in the middle of the race. Sometimes about halfway through the race, sometimes towards the end. But never early in the race. Unfortunately there is nothing in the trace file that would cause the CTD.

The curious thing is: This is a recurring problem and it seems to "ssettles down" in the mod. Currently I'm playing the GA 2009 Mod. Until Hungary everything went well. During the Hungarian race, the CTD suddenly happens. Since then it happens again and again - in every race.

I had the same issue with RH2004 and 2006JXP, for example. In the beginning everything runs smoothly, suddenly there is a ctd in one race and then it repeats in every race...

Does anyone have an idea? I am clueless...

RE: Random recurring ctd's - pietrekk - 09-30-2018

This could be :
Your pc, track model problem when loads up or cars problem
Run the game with -trace=1000 and provide logs.

RE: Random recurring ctd's - Sebse93 - 10-01-2018

Hi pietrekk,

thank you for your answer. Meanwhile I found the problem. Even if it doesn't seem really plausible.

As I wrote in the first sentence, there was nothing in the trace file that could be used.

The problem was that I created several veh files for some drivers. So e.g. for the one driver of Ferrari I had three different veh files and changed between the races. Apparently this caused a crash, because the veh files didn't have a normal name but were e.g. "2009GA_ferrari03 - Badoer.veh". This apparently caused these crashes. As soon as I used the "normal" veh file and just changed the driver name, it worked again...

Very weird, but that's how the game is sometimes :-).

RE: Random recurring ctd's - pietrekk - 10-02-2018

Sometimes one file can cause misconfusion to the game.