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AI pitstops - Kaps - 01-09-2018

I know that it's possible to make  AI cars go the distance without pitstops, but is it possible to make AI stop only for tires, and not refuel? So far I couldn't make them do that.
Anyone has any ideas?

RE: AI pitstops - Kaps - 01-12-2018

After many tries, I don't think it's possible to have AI cars make a pit-stop without re-fueling.

Would like very much to be proven wrong, tho!

RE: AI pitstops - cecelo - 01-12-2018

Hi Kaps, 
It is not possible to place the cars without refueling because the F1C was made so. (I do not know if anyone else discovered it.)

The only way I know is by putting refueling at 0 Liters.  Smile

RE: AI pitstops - Kaps - 01-12-2018

I tried that, but on 1st stop they still refuel, back to starting 195 l, then on 2nd they don't.

RE: AI pitstops - skandre7 - 01-13-2018

Try changing AIFuelUsage line in your .plr file and fueluse in cars hdv files

RE: AI pitstops - Kaps - 01-13-2018

Thanks, but there's neither AIFuelUsage line in my .plr file, nor fueluse line in cars hdv files?

RE: AI pitstops - skandre7 - 01-15-2018

sorry i meant this :AI Additional Fuel Mult in PLR and FuelConsumption from engine files

RE: AI pitstops - achebe - 01-20-2018

but there are team orders in F1c, yes am not joking, patrese pulling over to let mansell pass

RE: AI pitstops - Sudden - 01-20-2018

(01-20-2018, 09:22 PM)achebe Wrote: but there are team orders in F1c, yes am not joking, patrese pulling over to let mansell pass

Yeah, it's completely true. When 2 drivers of the same team are close enough and 2nd driver is ahead of the 1st driver of the team, soon or later the 2nd driver will let the 1st driver to pass him. Usually both cars lose a lot of time in this movement. Curiosities of F1 Challenge, my favourite game by far.