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Track conversion from GP4 to F1C - Sudden - 12-23-2017

Hello everyone!!

If someone gets bored someday, and feels curiosity to see how does this GP4 track would look in F1Challenge, maybe someone can try to convert it. I would try to do it by myself, but I have no idea about how to do it.

***Maybe is not necessary because there already exist a pretty decent version of this track for F1Challenge, and they have done very good efforts in it. I make the proposal just if someone is interested to test something different.***

- The track is this: 

- The download link if somebody is interested, can be found here (but it's necessary to be registered):

I don't understand so much about this, but I supose that author's permission would be necessary, before doing anything.

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

RE: Track conversion from GP4 to F1C - pietrekk - 12-25-2017

It could be easy to do that, but I dont really know about making AIW correctly.