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RE: MotoGP2 Tracks? - haunetal1990 - 10-29-2017

(10-29-2017, 06:49 PM)Benz Wrote: I mange to extract the tracks, I'll  upload the extracted files here later...
See for yourself.
Around 45 files are inside it with one big file called   .track

:O how? can you write a info how to extract the tracks, please?

RE: MotoGP2 Tracks? - Benz - 10-30-2017

I think you probably need the full game for the process to be successful.

Never mind I'll upload the extracted folder later.

RE: MotoGP2 Tracks? - Benz - 10-30-2017

Rio extracted folder....


RE: MotoGP2 Tracks? - pietrekk - 02-19-2018

I only think that the best possiblity to make that tracks working in F1C you should make export of models to rFactor and then make AIW, and then convert everything to f1c.

RE: MotoGP2 Tracks? - haunetal1990 - 02-27-2018

Zmodeler 2 MotoGP2 Filter didn't work with newest ZM2 version, but with this version: https://gamebanana.com/tools/download/834.. but on the Files there isn't a mesh file -.-

With TexExtractor21.exe you can unzip Textures from the rio_2002.track file, but Textures are all in black colour.
If i use TexConverter12.exe file for merge TEX to DDS => he convert 1 File to DDS ;D fail. But on the .track file are maybe 350 TexFiles.. so we have a small problem ;D