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F1c 1986 Season - Sudden - 07-24-2017

Hello everyone. I would like to ask something that I wonder since some time.

Does anybody know anything about a possible new 1986 mod?

Some time ago, some brazilian modders (I don't remember the name, I'm very sorry [Image: sad.png]) released F1c 1987 DDR v2.0., a very good mod in my opinion, with a high quality carset, similar than the awesome David Marques mods (the only thing I miss from that mod, are the David Marques wheels of 1983-1992, something logical because it's not his mod), and I heard that they were working on a 1986 mod based in that 1987 DDR v2.0. mod, but I didn't heard anything new from a long time ago.

Does anybody know something about it?

Thank you for your time and your attention. Have a nice day! [Image: wink.png]

RE: F1c 1986 Season? - schumacher180 - 07-24-2017

Hi man,

First of all, I'm sorry that I have to disappoint you, I've done a new F1 1986 season mod two years ago as well as a new F1 1987 season, both mods complete with expansion packs and driver switches. There still might be a WIP topic about it in this forum if you look at page two or maybe three.

The point is that my life changed, in a positive way though but it has changed a lot, both mods are somewhere on an HD which lies somewhere at home, I just don't know where. Therefore I cannot guarantee you that I can share both mods with you, I've never released them, so they're not downloadable obviously.

I do have a reason on why I decided to quit on modding in general besides my life that has changed, maybe you ever heard the story about leechers? Leeching a mod, as in, using somebody elses' work without mentioning the name of the respective author nor asking the author if you're actually allowed to use some of his or her stuff in your mod?

This has happened lots of times and therefore motivated me to keep the F1 1986 and 1987 seasons I finished about two years ago for just my self. I've spent hours in making it two great mods for F1 Challenge, really lots of hours and I just didn't want anybody to steal this from me.

I'm sorry that I have to disappoint you man, welcome to the forum by the way!

RE: F1c 1986 Season? - titi01170 - 07-25-2017

Hi schumacher180! 1986 is such a fantastic season, it's true there is a lack for f1challenge. It's understandable, you have done probably a hard work to do it, you must have credits. It would be fantastic to have a decent 1986 mod thanks to you. For sure, on this forum you will be credited and your hard and long work would be really appreciated at its true value.


RE: F1c 1986 Season? - Sudden - 07-25-2017

Thank you for your fast (and complete) reply. What a pity, it would be incredible to see (and play) that mods for sure, but I understand you. Personal reasons are always the most important thing.

I have no idea about modding, but can I imagine the high amount of efforts that you have dedicated working on it. Obviously, you deserve the credits for that (as all modders in their respective works aswell), and nobody has the right to steal your work, after all the efforts and dedication.

I have read the "F1 1986-1987 Modification W.I.P." topic. I'm glad that your life changed in a positive way after all happened, this is always the most important thing in life.
I think the same as titi01170 has commented. If you decide to share 1986 in this forum, i'm sure that you will be credited as you deserve. Otherwise, I understand and I respect it, no problem absolutely, of course.

Thank you for everything you have done, and for your reply!! I hope everything continues getting better.
Kind regards

RE: F1c 1986 Season? - schumacher180 - 07-27-2017

If I ever have some time to find that HD, I'm pretty sure that I would pack both these mods up and put them on a site like MediaFire, if that day will ever come I'll sure let you know. I've got other things to worry about nowadays (nothing bad, no worries) but the interest in modding is more or less gone for me so I wouldn't even care if people would steal this work from me right now. Nowadays I'd rather play mods instead of building them.

RE: F1c 1986 Season? - titi01170 - 07-28-2017

Thanks a lot! Hoping for future good news Wink


RE: F1c 1986 Season? - d4nf1c - 07-28-2017

Hi, schumacher180.
First of all, thanks for all your dedication into creating these mods for F1C back then in the times of racesimulations.com.
In case you ever have a run through these HDs of yours, I can tell you this would be an excellent moment to release 86-87, as neiln and I are working on 1981 as well in order to come up with a race-by-race mod for that season. As people are getting in touch wth more recent and exciting simulators, maybe we're reaching the point where people who mod for F1C are becoming rarer. I am definitely a late comer, having assisted the TNT/GFX team in the 1976-1978 mods back in 2012-2014 and now I'm setting aside some time to finish this which has been one of the complaints people have had for years as an incomplete mod. 86 and 87 would then be the missing links for most players.

For those who are interested in these two seasons, though, schumacher180's work has already been posted here in its 2.9 version and it's really cool.
You can check it out here: http://www.race4sim.com/f1-season-1986-mod-v2-9-by-schumacher180-friends/
Modder showtimethemusic has released a 1987 mod as well, also found in this repository: http://www.race4sim.com/f1-1987-mod-v1-1b-by-showtimethemusic/

Even if you don't release them, thanks once more for dedicating some time to 1986 in the turbulent times you had in life back then. I'm glad to see things got better for you and can only wish they get better with time.
Best wishes and take good care.

RE: F1c 1986 Season - Sudden - 08-01-2017

Great news!! It seems we will finally have great high-quality mods of the 80's last missing years. Let's hope to have good news soon Smile Thank you sooo much to you (Schumacher180 on the one hand, d4nf1c and Neiln on the other hand) and to everyone else involved in these mods. Maybe F1 challenge is an old game (14 years old I think) but it's incredible (and for me, the most complete of all in terms of different years mods) thanks to people like you.

I will stay tuned for news Smile best wishes to you all.

RE: F1c 1986 Season - Sudden - 09-10-2017

While we wait for possible good news (or not), in any case I would like to share 2 videos that I found some days ago in YouTube. Fanmade videos perfect for this topic.


Some highlights of this fantastic season, 31 years ago to this date. The great Williams FW11, the first Benetton and powered by BMW, the McLaren TAG-Porsche 3 times winner in a row, the last JPS Lotus. Prost, Mansell, Piquet and Senna, some crashes and race accidents, and more.

RE: F1c 1986 Season - cherry - 10-06-2017

now i am collecting  some blueprints and books of 1986 and 1987 seasons and maybe i will create these season's cars from scratch.
i hovered on making these season's cars because i thought that someday David will  convert  PEDRO's 1986 cars of gp4 but  the progress seems to be very slow (or stopped???) .
if the project abort,  i will do it instead. dose someone know the  progress of gp4 1986 season?