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  Welcome to our world!
Posted by: GeorgiBG - 02-04-2013, 06:26 AM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (42)

Simply: This is a topic where the newly registered users can introduce themselves.

For me:
My name is Georgi (George). Im from Bulgaria and Im from the former Racesimulations forum. Many of you may know me better than myself. :lol:

By the way nice forum. Smile

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Posted by: haunetal1990 - 02-03-2013, 09:28 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (1)

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  Board Developement and News
Posted by: fisicoF1 - 02-03-2013, 01:29 AM - Forum: News - Replies (3)

Feb 3rd 2013

Third Day of being online and we're still improving a lot. Today we've got it all together that you'll get information about the game too when you're searching for a file, so you don't accidentally download stuff for another game as the wished.

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  The worse driver is better?
Posted by: kmerse - 01-29-2013, 07:41 PM - Forum: F1 Challenge 99-02 - Replies (3)

Here is an odd one for you Wink

Driver A and B are team mates. They use the same chassis, the same engine, the same tyres, the same setup.

Here is driver A:

And here is Driver B:

As you can see, the stats of Driver B are worse than Driver A's. Otherwise they are the same. Still, driver B constantly faster than driver A. I made 20 qualifying sessions and 20 races on the same track with fixed weather conditions. Driver B never qualified worse than 12th, never finished worse than 16th. Driver A never qualified higher 22 (on a 26 field) and never finished higher than 20th. They both stalled once.

This game really drives me crazy....

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  How to influence mechanical failures?
Posted by: kmerse - 01-29-2013, 07:41 PM - Forum: F1 Challenge 99-02 - Replies (5)

I found it odd that in several mods cars just don't fail. 26 cars start and 26 finish the race if nobody crashes, even if mechanical failures are set to normal, time scaled or selected season, teh two possible mechanical failures are stallin g og running out of fuel. Pretty annoying...

I already tried to reduce the timespawn of some random parts of the car but without any success.

For example, in the engine.ini file I changed LifetimeAvg= to a minimal number on one car. It supposed to be in seconds but even with LifetimeVar= as a possible maximum it shouldn't be able to make it till the end of any race (max possible lifetime is 600 seconds, mere 10 minutes!!!), but the engine fails to fail.

Interestingly, unmodded cars which supposed to have better reliability according to the numbers fail every now and then.

What the hell is happening here???

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  Content f1c 1975-1993
Posted by: mrjglo - 01-29-2013, 10:50 AM - Forum: F1 Challenge 99-02 - Replies (3)

This is a topic for content that have been modified / converted or packed.
I am particularly interested for era 1950-2000 (personally the most interested 1975-1993 ) so I try find fixes or try out some files that perhaps find that could be improved. I am into sharing any this work to ensure if some1 might also want use them so sharing is only way keep this game alive.

Content/FILES will be uploaded to places like mediafire and link it to this page but also I will upload them here racesimulations FTP but in it this place admin like raulongo isnt as active so it can take months or so them appear here if even that. So I like to keep up what happen anyone making for this seasons in any games altough still I most like them play in f1c which I ve been had since Release Date June 24, 2003. There also should be Permissions for any convertion tracks/mods from other titles to keep things legal.
This community does need improvements for this game so share anything new you have made!

Some of Historical seasons tracks

1.02 TRACK MEGAUPDATE F1 1982-1996 pack (1.3 Gb) (latest 2013 release)
http://www.mediafire.com/?bvsque58972ap ... 91z1tke3x6

Adelaide 1985-1995
Aida 1994-1995
Barcelona -1996
Buenos Aires 1981,1995-1996
Dallas 1984
Detroit 1982-1988
Dijon-Prenois 1981-1984
Estoril 1984-1996
Hockenheim 1981-1996
Hungaroring 1986-1996
Imola 1980-1996
Interlagos 1990-1996
Jacarepagua 1981-1989
Jerez 1986-1994
Kyalami 1981-1985,1992-1993
Long Beach 1981-1983
Magny Cours 1991-1996
Mexico City 1986-1996
Melbourne 1996
Monaco 1981-1996
Montreal 1981-1996
Monza 1981-1996
Nurburgring 1984-1996
Osterreichring 1981
Paul Ricard 1982-1990
Phoenix 1989-1991
Silverstone 1981-1996
Spa-Francorchamps 1983-1996
Suzuka 1987-1996
Zandvoort 1981-1985
Zolder 1981-1984

Birmingham GB Superprix v1.00

Carrera.4 Monaco 1986-1994 v1.01
http://www.mediafire.com/?k55unzxdpnq99dq or

I have asked constantly this being converted over 4 y period (SINCE 2008) no1 did so I had to do it by myself after finally managed find key to batch convert.
Being first ever convertion to me , there was quite a many things to take into consideration.

88 starting lights does not work anything like correctly in F1C from rF so this have to be fixed I would like to someone explain how?

[Image: Monaco19861987198819891990199119921993F1...8d7a8a.jpg]

[Image: Monaco19861987198819891990199119921993F1...466461.jpg]

[Image: Monaco19861987198819891990199119921993F1...540ae7.jpg]

[Image: Monaco1981198219831984198519861987198819...3534b9.jpg]

[Image: Monaco1981198219831984198519861987198819...17400f.jpg]

[Image: Monaco1981198219831984198519861987198819...e92009.jpg]

[Image: Monaco1981198219831984198519861987198819...5bde9f.jpg]

[Image: Monaco1981198219831984198519861987198819...78fa04.jpg]

[Image: Monaco1981198219831984198519861987198819...0a2619.jpg]

Carrera.4 Imola 1986-1989 v1.00

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...7c7ecb.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...ed7e4b.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...a89337.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...53a083.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...cdcfec.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...5657cc.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...27fc56.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...f58999.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...55ee22.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...32c353.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...3c0043.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...3e7ca2.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...38b8cc.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...55d8ca.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...7c79e6.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...516580.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...64b5d2.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...d9eb23.jpg]

[Image: ImolaCarrera41986198719881989GrandPrixMo...4f3bba.jpg]
1975 Monza v1.01
corrected 1972-1975 Monza layout

[Image: 1975Monzav100f1challenge99-025-04-961.jpg]
[Image: 1975Monzav100f1challenge99-025-04-967.jpg]
[Image: 1975Monzav100f1challenge99-025-04-968.jpg]
[Image: 1975Monzav100f1challenge99-025-04-96.jpg]
[Image: 1975Monzav100f1challenge99-025-04-963.jpg]
[Image: 11975Monzav100f1challenge99-025-04-962.jpg]

Dijon Prenois 1979-1984 v1.01 GPC 79

MrH - aiw fix

First publicly shared version of this to f1c

[Image: 2DijonPrenois1979-1984GPC79v101f1challen...12-736.jpg]
[Image: DijonPrenois1979-1984v100f1challenge99-0250-59-6010.jpg]
[Image: DijonPrenois1979-1984v100f1challenge99-0250-59-601.jpg]
[Image: DijonPrenois1979-1984v100f1challenge99-0250-59-604.jpg]
[Image: DijonPrenois1979-1984v100f1challenge99-0250-59-605.jpg]
[Image: DijonPrenois1979-1984GPC79v101f1challeng...-12-73.jpg]
[Image: 1DijonPrenois1979-1984GPC79v101f1challen...12-735.jpg]

Spa Francorchamps 1983-1993 v1.01 Carrera.4 f1 challenge 99-02
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...7-0376.jpg]
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...7-0362.jpg]
[Image: Spa1983-1993f1challenge99-02-04-1016-06-07-79.jpg]
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...7-0370.jpg]
[Image: Spa1983-1993f1challenge99-02-04-1016-06-07-799.jpg]
[Image: Spa1983-1993f1challenge99-02-04-1016-06-07-794.jpg]
[Image: Spa1983-1993f1challenge99-02-04-1016-06-07-795.jpg]
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...7-0374.jpg]
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...7-0358.jpg]
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...7-0357.jpg]
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...7-0346.jpg]
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...7-0348.jpg]
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...7-0332.jpg]
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...7-0343.jpg]
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...57-033.jpg]
[Image: SpaFrancorchamps198319851986198719881989...7-0312.jpg]

1983 Spa Francorchamps 1985 Spa Francorchamps 1986 Spa Francorchamps 1987 Spa Francorchamps 1988 1989

1992 Kyalami f1 challenge 99-02
Kyalami without chicane
[Image: 1992Kyalamif1challenge99-02-04-0722-13-47-98.jpg]
[Image: 1992Kyalamif1challenge99-02-04-0722-13-47-983.jpg]
[Image: 1992Kyalamif1challenge99-02-04-0722-13-47-982.jpg]
[Image: 1992Kyalamif1challenge99-02-04-0722-13-47-984.jpg]
[Image: 1992Kyalamif1challenge99-02-04-0722-13-47-981.jpg]

Silverstone 1991 - 93 v1.01 12.4.12
MrH - aiw fix
[Image: Silverstone1991-93v101f1challenge99-0259-50-716.jpg]
[Image: Silverstone1991-93v101f1challenge99-0259-50-717.jpg]
[Image: Silverstone1991-93v101f1challenge99-0259-50-71.jpg]
[Image: Silverstone1991-93v101f1challenge99-0259-50-715.jpg]
[Image: Silverstone1991-93v101f1challenge99-0259-50-712.jpg]

Imola 1980-1994 http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?kk8fc6r2kahsz5t

[Image: Imola1980-1994F1CHallenge99-02F1Challeng...-02-79.jpg]
[Image: Imola1980-1994F1CHallenge99-02F1Challeng...02-791.jpg]
[Image: San_MarinoF1Challenge99-022012-03-0823-59-39-21.jpg]
[Image: San_MarinoF1Challenge99-022012-03-0823-59-39-22.jpg]
[Image: F1Challenge9902Formula1F1CDavidMarquesMo...-09-76.jpg]

In 1992 kronen.bmp removed so brdg cause ctd without this file added

Monza 1981-1993 http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?w713r3w8x7yrori
This includes all the Monza versions from 1981 Monza
1982 Monza 1983 Monza 1984 Monza 1985 Monza 1986 Monza 1987 Monza 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 with season specific billboards,tyrewalls

[Image: F1Challenge99-022012-04-2615-12-34-67.jpg]
[Image: Monza19811982198319841985198619871988198...9-98-1.jpg]
[Image: Monza19811982198319841985198619871988198...-981-1.jpg]
[Image: Monza19811982198319841985198619871988198...-982-1.jpg]
[Image: Monza1981-1993F1Challenge99-022012e2.jpg]
[Image: Monza1981-1993F1Challenge99-022012-03-1916-10-231.jpg]
[Image: DijonPrenois1979-1984v100f1challenge99-0250-59-606.jpg]
[Image: monza19811993f1challeng.jpg]
[Image: monza19811993f1challengh.jpg]
[Image: monza19811993f1challeng.jpg]
[Image: monza19811993f1challeng.jpg]
[Image: monza19811993f1challeng.jpg]
[Image: Monza19811982198319841985198619871988198...21-715.jpg]
[Image: Monza19811982198319841985198619871988198...1-7111.jpg]
[Image: Monza1981-1993F1Challenge99-022012-03-1916-10-237.jpg]
[Image: Monza19811982198319841985198619871988198...19-535.jpg]
[Image: Monza19811982198319841985198619871988198...05-213.jpg]
[Image: Monza19811982198319841985198619871988198...5-2116.jpg]
[Image: F1Challenge9902Formula1F1CDavidMarquesMo...09-765.jpg]

Monza79map New Textures

[Image: f1702012-03-0923-11-32-80.jpg]
[Image: f1702012-03-0923-11-54-02.jpg]

Hockenheimring 1982-1991
MrH - aiw fix
-fences from .bmp to .tga format so no more blacking effect when looked from angles

[Image: Hockenheimring1982-1991Carrera4F1CHallengev102-0225.jpg]
[Image: Monza19811982198319841985198619871988198...9-5352.jpg]
[Image: 1982-1991HockenheimringF1Challenge99-022.jpg]
[Image: Hockenheimring1982-1991Carrera4F1CHallengev102-0222.jpg]
[Image: Hockenheimring1982-1991Carrera4F1CHallengev102-0226.jpg]

v1.02 New lighter version Targa_Florio_map to f1 challenge 99-02 replace Targa_Florio_map


This should increase FPS /help somehow for low power GPU/RAM >512mb PCs
Transparency solved in this one.

[Image: NewlighterTexturesversionTarga_Florio_ma...0-9211.jpg]
[Image: NewlighterTexturesversionTarga_Florio_ma...50-924.jpg]
[Image: NewlighterTexturesversionTarga_Florio_ma...-50-92.jpg]
[Image: NewlighterTexturesversionTarga_Florio_ma...50-922.jpg]
[Image: Targa_FlorioNewlighterTexturesversion_ma...5-2135.jpg]
[Image: Targa_FlorioNewlighterTexturesversion_ma...5-2134.jpg]
[Image: Targa_FlorioNewlighterTexturesversion_ma...5-2128.jpg]
[Image: Targa_FlorioNewlighterTexturesversion_ma...5-2125.jpg]
[Image: Targa_FlorioNewlighterTexturesversion_ma...5-2127.jpg]

F1 CHallenge 1981 -1982 Las Vegas Caesars Palace Textures addon

[Image: 1981-1982LasVegasCaesarsPalaceTexturesF1...dong21.jpg]
[Image: 1981-1982LasVegasCaesarsPalaceTexturesF1...dong20.jpg]
[Image: 1981-1982LasVegasCaesarsPalaceTexturesF1...dong17.jpg]
[Image: 1981-1982LasVegasCaesarsPalaceTexturesF1...dong15.jpg]

1996 Melbourne Albert Park F1 Challenge 99-02 Textures

1989 1992 Textures addon Montreal Carrera.4 F1 CHallenge 4 David Marques seasons

gpc79 1982-1986 Montreal Textures addon update v1.00 16.11.12

[Image: Montreal1982-1986TextureaddonF1CHallenge...-31-25.jpg]

[Image: 1F1Challenge99-02formula1F1CModcircuitGr...27-066.jpg]

Estoril 1984-1987 Texture addon update v1.00

gpc79 Osterreichring 1983-1987 Texture addon update gpc79

Hungary 1986-1987 Texture addon

So this latest versions are revisited improvement over TRACK MEGAUPDATE F1 1982-1996 pack. which is from end of 2010 so most of them are dated

1. part http://www.racesimulations.com/F1C/files/8891.html
2. part http://www.racesimulations.com/F1C/files/8892.html
3. part http://www.racesimulations.com/F1C/files/8893.html
4. part http://www.racesimulations.com/F1C/files/8894.html
5. part http://www.racesimulations.com/F1C/files/8895.html
6. part http://www.racesimulations.com/F1C/files/8896.html

F1 1985 David Marques Mod DM balanced physics

AI Drivers Performance 1976 F1C GFX Mod TNT

1977 AI Drivers Performance F1C

F1 1978 AI Drivers Performance / 1978 neiln1 Performance Data
This is meant to improve 1978 neiln1 F1 World Champions

AI Drivers Performance 1981

1980 helmet fix to neiln1 1980 Season Mod

F1 1983 Season Carset by neiln1
http://www.mediafire.com/?6yz8hfaodycth7c Remake/release of

[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...24-355.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...24-358.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...24-353.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...4-3510.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...24-351.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...4-3512.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...24-352.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...4-3513.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...4-3519.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...4-3514.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...4-3515.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...4-3518.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...4-3517.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...24-357.jpg]
[Image: 1983Seasonsbyneiln1f1challenge99-022012-...24-356.jpg]

Birmingham GB Superprix v1.00 F1 Challenge 99-02http://www.mediafire.com/?fb2j3eqcqnwvscr

[Image: BirminghamSuperprixv100f1challenge99-023...-39-d5.jpg]
[Image: BirminghamSuperprixv100f1challenge99-023...-39-d6.jpg]
[Image: BirminghamSuperprixv100f1challenge99-023...-656-1.jpg]
[Image: BirminghamSuperprixv100f1challenge99-023...-655-1.jpg]
[Image: BirminghamSuperprixv100f1challenge99-023...-654-1.jpg]
[Image: BirminghamSuperprixv100f1challenge99-023...-653-1.jpg]
[Image: BirminghamSuperprixv100f1challenge99-023...9-65-1.jpg]
[Image: BirminghamSuperprixv100f1challenge99-023...39-d19.jpg]
[Image: BirminghamSuperprixv100f1challenge99-023...39-d15.jpg]
[Image: BirminghamSuperprixv100f1challenge99-023...-39-d8.jpg]

So time to time if there is something new, this topic/post will be updated.

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  Megaupload is back
Posted by: pro-raver - 01-19-2013, 06:57 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (2)

Well for the uploaders megaupload is back !!!
mega.co.nz Smile

I preffer mega instead of any other upload site.

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