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  2007 mod by GSSF1
Posted by: Bano - 02-13-2013, 11:11 AM - Forum: Mods - Replies (1)


Turkey for 2007 GGSF1
Track by CTDP - no credits and no permissions: no download.
Fuji for 2007 GGSF1

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  Searching for Help
Posted by: fisicoF1 - 02-12-2013, 11:14 PM - Forum: News - Replies (3)

At a site like Race4Sim help is usually always needed.
If you want to help to build up a growing community and want to be a part of the Race4Sim Team, we have some offers for you:

  • Helping adding News for Racing Games to the Main Page
  • Help adding Downloads for Racing Games to the Main Page

Of course we can't offer you any money as we're a totally free site for everyone. But your name will become a big one in here and if you do your job in a good way your name will have a place in our virtual "Hall of Fame".
Also it's not in doubt that you don't have to work at fixed times, just when you have some free time left.

So if you are interested in having social contact with others, spending some free time so that others can use your service or help expanding a community just feel free to Contact us or show your interest in this thread ;D

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  Your last race, win, pole
Posted by: schumacher180 - 02-12-2013, 09:26 PM - Forum: F1 Challenge 99-02 - Replies (62)

Hi all,

I just wanted to open a very well known topic from the classic RaceSimulations.com website, as the topic title says: Here you can post a review about the latest races you have driven in F1 Challenge '99-'02.

I started a complete new career which goes over the F1 seasons 1999-2002, I do play the original game without ANY form of updates. I wanted to simulate the F1 Career Challenge game, which was of course the console version of this game. I played that game for years and there you really had to go over 4 seasons, it was the first F1 game by EA Sports with a career mode. I do race with 120% AI Strength, 100% Aggression and 100% Damage Multiplier settings. The race distance is 30% from the complete race distances.

Enfin, let's get to the point. A young guy Robby who has had multiple successful results in feeder series, made the step to Formula 1 in 1999. He got the second ride at Arrows, leaving Takagi without a ride. Luckily for Takagi, they were able to keep him as their test driver. Robby drove a great season, in fact, he scored 8 points with a car which was around 2 seconds slower than a Ferrari or McLaren. I had a best qualifying position of 13th, during the San Marino Grand Prix. My best race result was a third place, during my home Grand Prix (sort of), of course I'm talking about the Belgian Grand Prix.

My results in 1999 were as follows:

Australia: 12th
Brazil: 13th
San Marino: 8th
Monaco: 6th
Spain: 14th
Canada: 16th
France: 9th
Great Britain: 15th
Austria: 16th
Germany: 4th
Hungary: 17th
Belgium: 3rd
Italy: 12th
Europe: 9th
Malaysia: 7th
Japan: 11th

My team mate Pedro De La Rosa, had a best result of 10th, during the Monaco Grand Prix. Of course that was the race where I scored my first ever world championship point. Those great results, left me with a ride at Jordan Grand Prix for 2000, to replace the retiring Damon Hill. Jarno Trulli, who was also having a chance to get the second ride, has become our test driver. In 1999, Mika Hakkinen would become World Champion for the second time in his career, McLaren Mercedes won the constructors championship.

The 2000 F1 season has been underway for six races, Heinz-Harald Frentzen won the opening round in Australia and is doing a solid job at the moment. Robby has been struggling instead, having a best finish of 9th and still without points. He could have finished second in Australia, behind his team mate but his brakes failed and so he finished on a disappointing 14th position. He had a shot to get good results during both the Brazilian and San Marino Grand Prix', sadly during both races he got caught up in accidents with two rookies. While having a shot to finish on the podium in Brazil, Heidfeld made contact with him with 5 laps to go. He lost his rear wing and would finish on a disappointing 17th place. In San Marino, he had a good run as well with maybe having a chance to win the race. Sadly, Jenson Button made contact with him and he once again lost his rear wing. Due to the high attrition, he was still able to finish in the top 10, one lap down from the eventual winner of that race: Mika Hakkinen, who is also leading the drivers championship, so is his constructor McLaren Mercedes doing at the moment.

My results during this season so far:

Australia: 14th
Brazil: 17th
San Marino: 9th
Great Britain: 13th
Spain: 11th
Europe: 16th

Eddie Jordan said the following about the disappointing results from the Dutchman: "He's landed in a spiral full of negativity. Of course it's hard to go from a backmarker team to a team which has won three races in the past season. It's not easy to replace someone like Damon Hill either, there's a lot of pressure on him but we will keep pushing to get the results which we want. He shouldn't be disappointed at all, in fact, without mechanical issues he could have been in the top 5 in the drivers championship. Sadly the reliability seems to be an issue with the EJ10 as Frentzen has only scored a fourth place finish since his win and so he has been the victim of multiple mechanical issues too. Robby doesn't have to worry so much, he is getting there, now only the car needs to work in a proper way."

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  F1 2013
Posted by: fisicoF1 - 02-11-2013, 09:41 PM - Forum: F1 Series - Replies (38)

What do you think about F1 2013, your expectations after F1 2012 was a "flop"?
And do you want to buy it?

I think I will buy it as I only got F1 2010 and was really satisfied with it, also with the F1 2012 demo. It runned smooth even at my Laptop and I think it would be cool to play the newest F1 Season again.

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  Stuff I found for F1 2002
Posted by: fisicoF1 - 02-11-2013, 06:21 PM - Forum: Mods - Replies (4)

RH F1 2003 Mod

CTDP F1 1995 Mod

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  Some usefull phpBB mods
Posted by: lexieboy - 02-10-2013, 10:54 PM - Forum: Feedback - Replies (2)

Just posting some usefull phpBB tools/mods. Don't know what version of phpBB you're running though (I guess 3.0.11?) so not sure if all are compatible.
Thanks for posts: https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/mod/thanks_for_posts
No explenation needed. You can thank someone for the poast he made if it helped you.
Share mod: https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/mod/share_on/
With this mod Admins can decide on what sites you can share posts (facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.) Might come in handy to get more activity
New user welcome topic redirect: https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/mod/ ... _redirect/
It lets new users redirect to a certain topic. Can be a welcome topic, or a topic with rules. Can make sure new members actually read the rules.

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  Homepage not linked to forum?
Posted by: lexieboy - 02-10-2013, 10:12 PM - Forum: Feedback - Replies (3)

Seems like the homepage isn't liked to the forum. I can't login on the homepage with my forum account. Seems like something that has to be fixed.

Edit: There also has to be put a link from forum to the homepage. Or there is one but I can't find it..

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  Formula One 2006 Season by CTDP
Posted by: Carlos12295cf - 02-09-2013, 02:19 PM - Forum: Mods - Replies (3)

Hello mate, in this topic i want introduce a little this great mod for rFactor. This new brand season includes every car of the 2006 season in high detail. This mod took a lot of time for the CTDP workers and we can realize about it while we play in it. I did a race in his new Bahrain beta 2.0 using this 2006 mod and those are my conclusions:

2006 Mod:

The most important thing i would like name, is the Artificial Inteligence (AI), because is the more realitic i even saw in my life. Why? Is simply, everyone played in some 2006 mod and we saw as Yuji Ide finished 6th and we couldn't understand it. This time, CTDP did his best effort for simulating the real Bahrain race. Yuji Ide (or in the game called Sakon Yamamoto) lost a lot of time respecting Takuma Sato (his team mate). We also remind that Toyota did a very good season, but in Bahrain they only could fight against Toro Rosso. In fact, in the ctdp mod we can see as Toyota are fighting too against Toro Rosso and have engine problems, as in the real life. Christian Klien (in the game called Robert Doornbos) finished 7th in the race, in the real race 8th, and the williams had also a brilliant performance. The race was leaded by me (in the Nico Rosberg car) and behind was Alonso, Raikkonen, M. Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya, as in the real life.

Talking about the graphics appearance, also are pretty, the cars are excellent modeled, and the textures are really incredible, maybe the only car i felt little bit strange is the Honda RA106, the 3d model have one or two things wrong.

Sounds, in Williams i didn't have any problem, were simpy excellent, in general every sound liked except Red Bull V8 and Toro Rosso V10.

Finally the Bahrain track (2006 layout), this one, i simply didn't find any problem, only one bug in the boxes, if you are near the wall you crash into a invisible wall.

So, my personal puntuation is the next:

3D Modells: 9,8
Physics: 9
Sounds: 9+

Total Note:

In my opinion, this is the first mod you should play in your rFactor game, because is really enjoyable.

To download it, access to the official CTDP website (You can download the Basepack, Templates and Bahrain beta 2.0 track):



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  RH 2003-2005 Season
Posted by: Bano - 02-08-2013, 01:03 PM - Forum: Mods - Replies (8)


definetly not the files uploaded by the original authors, missing credits - deleted
Turkey for RH 2005

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  Any thoughts about F1 2013?
Posted by: fisicoF1 - 02-07-2013, 07:50 PM - Forum: F1 Challenge 99-02 - Replies (37)

Has anyone ever thought about creating a legal F1 2013 mod for F1C/any game? I mean with complete scratch-made cars or based on the original F1C cars or whatever... after we didn't got a 2012 mod I think it's time to work together for a new legal mod. I'm able to offer my painting skills and some organization, that's at least a base.
I painted already some 2013 Skins, so I think I got something to show but of course we have to start from nothing. Wouldn't be that easy but as I know the skills of the users here I also know that we can do this.

Let me know what you think about that.

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