Full Version: [F12002]90's F1 cars
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1997 Prost - Ligier JS45

The Prost Ligier JS45 for F12002, the only prost that actually did it pretty good in the Formula 1.
See pics below if your still not convinced to download this awsome car !

[Image: txjg.th.png][Image: ir6i.th.png][Image: z4ug.th.png]
Author: maverick40
Size: 1,9MB
Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!S15nGAyY!dNC66z13T ... zwf1Mt-Hyg
1998 Prost AP01

One of the worst Prost GP cars ever build, scored just one point , after a promossing 97 season this was a disappointment.
Though can you score better then just one point ?

[Image: knu.th.png][Image: v9nv.th.png][Image: tsdr.th.png]
Author: Maverick40
size: 1,3MB
Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!ftwiBCDC!YFdPMUlPg ... RJyeXRnnqw
1999 Benetton B199

The Benetton B199 wasn't either a succes, their only highlight was the second place in Canda by Fisichella.

[Image: q315.th.png][Image: szh.th.png]
AuthorBig Grinan Man Karting
Size: 1,6MB
Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!apgAFISK!JwMxSG9V_ ... 5qHRvYA_9I
1998 Jordan 198

The Jordan 198 for F12002, one of the best Jordans that drove a grandprix.
With star Drivers Hill and Schumacher , a shame Hill lost his holy fire already in 1998....
[Image: kpar.th.png][Image: oeoy.th.png]
Author: Maverick40
Size: 1,2MB
Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!3swABKqT!DZFvNgq7S ... qfkXxy3puI